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English Translation of Baba.G's "The Story Of Bala".


Bountiful blessings to all dear devotees from our Mother Bala. Although I have written several works before, this is the very first time I have ventured to write the “Story of Bala” as a lyric , containing 108 songs in nine chapters.

I have tried to present in a very simple and concise manner, the many astonishing miracles and events associated with Sri Bala. Without unduly emphasizing any episode, or presenting a long list of facts, I have attempted to narrate all the highlights of the story succinctly, with the intention that devotees should be able to recite this story as part of their “parayanam” ( holy prayers), in under an hour.

Those who are already familiar with my writings, or those who read my many books, listen to the songs I’ve composed, participate in the monthly prayer meetings, have obtained initiation from me, and especially those who know me and my family relatively well, will definitely feel overwhelmed and moved to tears while reading certain sections of this work. This is the truth.

If you experience the same feeling while reading this work that I, as the author felt while composing it, then it is certain you have come within my circle of friends.

There are approximately a hundred people belonging to the Bala Vidya Mandir who already exist within this circle of Baba.G’s influence. Over the past four or five years, I have guided these hundred people in the path shown by Bala. In the end, I have also given them the holy “initiation”.

It is possible for this group of people to decipher and understand to a certain extent, the full purport of my writings, actions and manner of conduct.

Since I have led them from one stage to the next, it is certain that when they either read or hear this new work, “Bala Charitham” ( Story of Bala), they will definitely undergo a totally new experience.

It’s impossible to read the story of Bala without either getting emotional or shedding a few tears. For example, when my mother was being discussed, i.e. when Bala introduced her, she said “ It’s as if all the eight Goddesses of Wealth and Prosperity joined together as one in the form of Nagalakshmi, who in turn clasped your father’s ( Ezhilmani’s) hands during marriage”.
When I heard Bala express this sentiment , I immediately attempted to write it down. However, Bala stopped me at this point in the narration and continued “No, not just the eight Goddesses were united; write instead that the total might of all the Goddesses in the universe are embodied in the form of your mother”. I tried my best to write this down, but tears welled in my eyes blurring my vision.
All the Goddesses of Wealth and Prosperity
United as one in the form of Nagalakshmi
Who clasped the hands of Sri Ezhilmani!

I couldn’t proceed further. Thinking of the high status Bala had given my mother, I continued to weep for a long time.

In the same manner, while describing my father’s devotion, I have written that many a debt did he incur to carry out the Navarathri festivities. And Bala was moved to tears witnessing her son’s true dedication. While writing about this poignant episode, not only did Bala get emotional, but so did I. And so will all of you who read about it.

In general, it’s only children who get distressed or perturbed while reminiscing about their parents. However, consider it this way. Suppose you get upset whilst reading about my parents, why, this is only natural because you have also become one of their children! If you truly love the Peetathipadhi (Head of the Peetam), who is a living embodiment of Bala , as well as his consort, then wouldn’t Bala love you in return?
If Bala loves you then it means you have entered my circle of friends.

What are the requirements for those of you who wish to journey with me and enter my circle?
Nothing more than first getting “initiation” from me. Later, you can buy and begin to read the following books : Bala Vijayam Special Issue; Correct Questions for Bala’s Answers; and the four fold series written about Child, Family, Initiation and the World. In addition, you can also read the book “ Baba.G In Our Lives”.
If you have finished reading all these books within a month then ,even without your knowledge, you would have already entered my circle.

I possess no mystical or tantric powers. However, if you come to me and succeed in entering that magical, child-like world created by Bala, you will derive a sense of utter bliss and contentment that is incomparable and supreme; an unique feeling that is unrivalled and can never be acquired or had elsewhere in this world.

With boundless blessings,
Nemili Baba.G.



The Supreme Goddess Lalithambika’s very own child is our Sri Bala
There’s none that can match the Greatness of our Sri Bala!
A successor to the throne, is our Crown Princess Bala
Celebrated and praised by the whole world, is our Gracious Mother Bala! 1

While her mother’s mystic chant is called Sri Vidya
The holy child’s mantra is Sri Vidya Bala!
An equal match to her mother in skills is our Bala
Generous in bestowing a good boost in our lives is our Bala. 2

Born in this universe without a father, is our Bala
Fully absorbing our minds is the fascinating child Bala
A string of prayer beads and a book in her hands holds, Bala
Stop wasting time performing useless rites, says little Bala! 3

A tyrant called Bandan waged war with the Holy Mother
Sending his sons into battle, more foolish there was none other
Into the stage of war, Bandan’s sons came in sight
Those who wanted to stage a fight
Shouted with all their might! 4

Off to fight the battle, Bala thought she would go
While, to prevent her from leaving, her mother said “No”
Yet, the child insisted and threw a tantrum
So, changing her mind, her mother gave an armor called “Kavacham”. 5

Tiny, little weapons did the mother give
In return a tiny smile did Bala as a reward give!
A chariot called “Karneeratham” she did create
And tenderly to her daughter, she did dedicate! 6

Surrounded by her army, into the battle strode Bala
Scattering her opponents, she encircled them triumphantly,
a smiling little Bala
The sons of Bandan did not really stay to fight
For, on the bodies of those who thought to fight
The heads were simply not in sight! 7

It’s usual to wage a war with ferocity and anger
For many it’s habit to charge in even faster!
It’s often said that victory belongs only to the brave, only heroes get fame
Yet completely did Bala reverse this popular claim! 8

She fought the war with a smile, our little Bala
And with a smile , final victory did she grab, our Bala
Eulogized by all the female deities one hundred and eight
Bala hoisted the flag of victory
Returning to her mother with a triumphant gait. 9

She came running to hug her mother with great delight
And melting into her mother’s body, vanished from sight!
Listen to this legend of our Holy Bala very clearly
Can there be any Gods who haven’t loved this child more dearly? 10

Bala’s role in history stops here, there is no more
After earning fame and glory where exactly did she go?
After the war was over, Bala disappeared from the scene there
Later , surrounded by fame and glory, she did come back here! 11

Until now only in a story have we come across Sri Bala
From now on , in a little village we shall see Bala!
Our Mother’s very birth many miracles did create
Bowing down at her Golden feet will make your life truly great. 12


The history of our Bala is indeed sweet to hear and admire
Once you get a taste, even divine nectar you don’t require
This is a story that has caused miracles to appear
Listening to it lovingly, many sins will disappear 13

In a town called Thaangi lived an Iyer’s family
Burdened with woes too many they wandered widely
Until at last they reached the village of Nemili
At an Alms- house haunted by many ghosts
They decided to spend the night not fearing their spooky hosts. 14

Please don’t stay here tonight, the village elders did protest
They tried their best to prevent their guests
From staying there that night
Yet, the family with three small children did not take flight
And the villagers stood amazed at their absence of fright! 15

“We have no fear” said they, showing an idol of Raja Rajeshwari
It certainly appeared that they were troubled by no worry
So, when at last the townspeople gave their consent that night
Iyer entered into that house with absolutely no fright. 16

Just as the divine family made their way inside
All evil and magic forces were made to flee outside
In that house, holy mantras resounded so loudly
And a divine air did that choultry assume so proudly! 17

A new dawning happened in Nemili that day
Due to Iyer’s innate goodness all evil forces were beaten away
The whole town spoke about this feat
And the road where the house stood was renamed Chathiram Street. 18

Ramaswamy Iyer thus came to stay with his family
And a divine grace surrounded that village called Nemili!
The calm and serene glances cast by his wife Savithri
Caused an aura of truth to glow in that house, and shine brilliantly. 19

Like the classifications three in Tamil; Prose, Drama and Poetry
Ramaswamy Iyer did have children three; the eldest, Veera Raghavan, an orator was he
The grace of Goddess Saraswathi on him, you could see
For, whatever he might say would come true anyway! 20

The second son was Subramaniam
His greatness unrivalled and respected by all in Nemili
The third child was Kind hearted Ramalingam
Whose matchless good qualities , shone like gold in the family! 21

Soon marriages took place one after another
Three daughters in law came in one following the other
The house with boundless happiness was filled
Many loving hearts joined together and their blessings spilled
While all this was going on in the family ,
The time was near when Bala would come to Nemili. 22

When good fortune started rolling in with the tying of the yellow thread
Happy events followed each other in good stead
When joy bubbles forth into a rushing torrent
Happiness will accumulate and swell, I’ll surely warrant
For when troubles begin to decrease
Can unhappiness ever increase? 23

Then, one night the village of Nemili seemed paralysed
Today, they feared a calamity of great proportions will be realized
Through a dream it was said, a happy miracle will come to pass
That’s Bala, the remover of all worries whom none can surpass. 24


When the village of Nemili was immersed in peaceful slumber one night
In Subramania Iyer’s dream did Bala present a rare sight
That beauteous Bala, remover of all sorrow
Did appear in his dream that day
And, like an eyelid does protect the eye
That precious savior Bala was nigh! 25

Just for you I shall come floating in the stream
Your house into a temple I’ll convert, she said in that dream!
Seeking you eagerly, I shall come, she whispered
Whatever your loving heart requires
I shall fulfill all your desires! 26

In his dream he saw Bala to his heart’s content
With sleep banished, Iyer jumped out of bed with a serious intent
He waited with impatience for the dawn to break
When it got delayed, on the rising sun , a curse he did make! 27

Before Iyer could reach the shores of the river bank
All celestial beings and the Holy Trinity were already there aligned in rank
Eagerly they searched over and over again
And tiring of not finding Bala they endured great pain! 28

The first search ended only in failure
And the sun crept slowly away with a protesting murmur!
On the second day the search began anew
Bala disappointed them this time too! 29

The next time the entire village gathered in full force
Contemplating on Bala most sincerely, of course!
I shall stop my game now, thought Bala at that moment
Enough of this torment!
And into Iyer’s hands she fell as he stared in amazement! 30

Like a victorious King returning with the spoils of war,
Iyer returned home with Bala and took her through the front door!
The house where she came to stay that day
Became her birthplace
Bala lives in Nemili today
And rules this world with divine grace! 31

No temple exists for Bala in any place
You can’t really seat her down someplace
Iyer’s house where she came to rest became a holy seat
From here at the Peetam she reigns supreme, a truly great feat! 32

Like the great Goddesses, Kamakshi, Meenakshi and Visalakshi
Bala rules the world from Nemili, blessed with rare grace is she
To witness such a splendid sight
And take considerable delight
The Gods competed with all their might
To be the first to reach Nemili
So see her , they might. 33

They fought with each other, rushed and surged ahead
Those who couldn’t get a glimpse trailed at the back, instead
As the whole of Heavens and the Earth with amazement looked on
Who could bring order among this crowd; who could be called upon? 34

Like many political parties uniting for a good cause
On a stage they assembled Oh what a splendid show it was!
All the Gods came together in order to see
Our heavenly little child with great glee. 35

Just like a procession taken out by human beings
A novel pageant instead was performed by Celestial beings!
Like powerful leaders witnessing with delight a display of might
Bala watched this divine spectacle waving her hand ever so slight! 36


Finally, like a mammoth convention drawing to a conclusion
With reluctance they broke up and with no confusion
All the Gods who participated at this divine meet
Left together to resume their duties now their task was complete! 37

In that house where our Mother came to stay
Many relations came together in order to pray
Like the strong branches thrown out by a giant Banian tree
Many members in this family came to be united to a high degree 38

As the eldest offspring to his father, Subramanya Iyer
Was born the first son , Sri Janaki Rama Iyer
To carry out holy worship in the second generation
The esteemed SundaraRama Iyer too, was born at this location 39

Priests well versed in the Vedas, into Nemili came
To sing Bala’s praises daily with great acclaim!
Many valuable rituals during navarathri did they perform
So many of them beneficial during this period so special
The whole town looked on in awe , amazed at what they saw! 40

When beauty and splendor came together to dwell in Iyer’s family
So too did good name and fame, wealth and prosperity
Holy prayers were carried on daily
Bringing happiness to all members of the family
This is the only way
To make our sorrows fade away
So thought , all at Nemili. 41

While the eldest son assisted during holy worship
The younger son carried on to conduct Bala’s worship
Until today the same practice continues
Bala’s initiation only to the younger son accrues 42

The protector of this world Bala, the most lofty celestial
Was just biding her time waiting for the advent of someone really special
To help add more greatness to Bala’s matchless glory
Was born a son who was to reveal more of her brilliant story. 43

The child born with such divine grace was called PanduRangan
Singing Bala’s praises on this earth, he was God’s very own son!
The eldest offspring of JanakiRama Iyer was he
An unique poet, genius and a distinguished bard for the world to see! 44

Composing songs transformed Pandurangan into a gem of rare beauty
And Bala did personally see to the marriage of Ezhilmani!
All the Goddesses of wealth came together in the form of Nagalakshmi
Ezhilmani’s hands were clasped by none other than she! 45

The Divine couple were united in marriage finally
And with Bala’s help many a miracle did they perform daily
Through her dreams the mother removed many a worry
Creating songs the father added more fame and glory. 46

Among all penances, the biggest one Nemili did perform
They embraced with love that little child who in the river was borne
This is the birthplace of both Nagalakshmi and Ezhilmani
And because of them, much fame has come to Nemili 47

All worship done for a specific purpose, they said
Only serves selfish interests , instead
So rejecting all external modes of worship, and contemplation
And Hearts filled with happiness and jubilation
They dedicated themselves for others’ welfare and satisfaction. 48


Divine words of Grace were once spoken by an old man who came by
Even though from a lower caste, he was God’s own child, none can deny
Two male issues will be born to you
Affectionately, to my mother, he said
And proceeded to walk straight ahead. 49

Unlike those who engage in a mystic dance
Foretelling events in a trance
Never has this man spoken words of prophesy ever
Yet, whenever he passed by the house
With a smile,a few words he would utter 50

The words he spoke came true as soon as they were said
Two beautiful sons came to be born in Bala’s house just like he said
As the eldest I am the one who writes all these songs
My brother, he does Bala’s worship; it’s where he belongs! 51

Whatever might be the job requiring her to remain inside
Whenever this man came, my mother would come outside
You’ll soon live in a multistoried house he said
You are the true Goddess of Wealth in this house, he alleged. 52

In this manner all the predictions he made
Did come true and very happy my mother made
Inside the house, this man has never really come
Whether he is a Siddha or a Yogi we know not where he’s from. 53

In a place where the power of wealth and speech were in plenty
Later there were times when the wealth became scanty
In that house that prided on feeding everyone
A sad and miserable state descended on everyone 54

Borrowing more and more money to help sustain the family
A pitiable life set in decreed by fate and calamity
It was a test to see if we would give up hope when
Faced by God who had abandoned us just then! 55

However many were the troubles that beset us
My father alone never gave up hope , this I must confess
Even when immeasurable troubles came our way
Never once has he complained to Bala No way! 56

His Children, His family, even himself he forgot
Though living within his family like an ascetic he was , more often than not!
Many a loan did he take to conduct Bala’s Navarathri
Indebted to him from gratitude Bala’s eyes became moist
And she too did cry
Troubled by her son’s many problems that he never voiced! 57

For the very first time Bala was truly astonished
Overwhelmed by her son’s boundless love, herself, she admonished!
Thus, Bala who wipes away the tears that others shed
Thought about her own son and wept with tears of joy instead! 58

Enough! Stop ! Don’t suffer anymore! She said
And quickly put an end to all the suffering, instead
You have done enough for me, she said
Hereafter, I shall do everything for you, instead! 59

From that day on, every single action
Bala has completed with careful planning, paying great attention
The wonderful things done for her by her very own son
Very beautifully did she write and present to everyone! 60


Even the very wise and learned sages who come to this Holy seat
Into small children are transformed so complete
All people can come here regardless of their status, high or low
And at the Peetam, respectfully bow
For this is a Divine place where all sorrows vanish
Indeed, this is a place all Gods praise and cherish! 61

Living like a God amongst men was the sage of Kanchi
And to this Peetam did he come with great delight to see
Bala seated in her house ; an ocean of mercy!
Yet another living saint was Variyar Swami
Came here with love did he
To receive this little girl’s blessings and to see! 62

A great sage from Thengal was Mylai Guruji
Came happily to pay respect to this little child did he
With a smile on his lips did Bhuvaneswari Swamigal come here
Many a merit did he collect at this holy site everyone reveres . 63

And then there was Avalur Swami, Ariyur Swami and many, many more
They came to this place of bliss
So as to not miss
Getting Bala’s blessings galore!
Vaalai Siddhar, Kamakshi Swamigal are but a few
Wise Gurus who keep coming too
Into this astonishing place, Bala, to view! 64

All of them did come to admire Bala’s loveliness
Incredulous and still marveling at her, they left with happiness
To add to Bala’s beauty one person came
Respectfully he gave himself to her ; that was his aim! 65

Dresses in many hues did he bring for Bala’s use
I’m Valsarvakkam Swamiji, he said, and a recluse
Completely did he transform Bala’s decoration
Yet, completely did Bala change his name without hesitation. 66

So, as Bala Swamijii, he was addressed by everyone here
Hearing this he derived much happiness and good cheer
In that holy place where many people come in and then leave
A permanent seat did he manage to achieve. 67

Our hearts he came to occupy completely
That Bala’s always with us, he realized totally
In the heart of Sri Ezhilmani
Who lives very simply
He acquired a place that will never get erased, absolutely! 68

Many are those who think that visiting Bala once will do
Yet, many are those who keep coming again and remain as devotees true!
A thousand times they may come hearts overflowing with joy
And still come once more to see her and enjoy! 69

Skilled artistes came together like precious links on a chain
It was surely the Peetam’s gain!
Navarathri festivities came to be celebrated grandly
All because of Sri Ezhilmani
When the doyen of music and Ezhilmani united, the Peetam to adorn
The popular and famous Bala Kavacham was born. 70

Ezhilmani with his friend Veeramani joined
And the famous song “On a Friday” was coined
All the Arts came in search of Bala at Nemili
After paying their respects, they humbly displayed their talents
And collected awards with Bala’s compliments! 71

Seeking peace does everyone arrive at this Peetam
Loving praises and prizes are granted at this Peetam
Awards and accolades praise neither age nor abilty
But are given here instead to honor good hearts and humility. 72


A beautiful stage of precious gems did Ezhilmani create
And this he humbly did to Bala , dedicate
Into Ezhilmani’s heart did Sirghazhi fully enter
In the latter’s name did Ezhilmani an arena open for his mentor! 73

To carry out God’s work he started an organization
And there my Grandfather Subramaniam sat , as head of the congregation
The whole of Nemili knew of GKV
The help he gave to residents was there for all in the colony to see! 74

A retired school head master was he
Always engaged in good service, tirelessly , was he!
Fed and nurtured his grandson , that’s me
And as my son Aadhav , born again is he! 75

My maternal grandmother Seethamma “Patti”
Cooked Bala’s food each day, an admirable lady!
Even if your heart doesn’t bless, your stomach certainly will!
Thus a new proverb became famous because of Patti’s skill! 76

“Seethamma” , they used to call her, little children she knew
Smiling as they asked for coffee with loving hearts too
She lived for sixty five years only in the kitchen
Her legendary hospitality will be spoken by the future generation 77

To perform holy worship in the third generation
Bala chose my brother Mohan, for this vocation
Since Mohan was not yet married and a “Brahmachari”
By his side , to assist , stood my uncle Chinnamani! 78

While All of Bala’s pujas Mohan did do
And I began to compose songs for Bala too
To wait upon guests and extend hospitality
There was none other than very dear Murali
Thus a really strong threesome and loving teammates
Did Bala soon create! 79

In the olden days VeeraRaghavan, Subramaniam and Ramalingam
lived in the vicinity
And served at Nemili surrounding Bala like the holy trinity
Today, as Baba.G, Mohan and Murali
We three at the Peetam have been born with great Divinity! 80

Once again many marriages took place one after the other
And the one child Bala was born at the Peetam as many other
Even total strangers from somewhere, who came in to establish a connection
Would often grieve in frustration
Why wasn’t I born here instead of another location. 81

Whoever it might be
Who serves in God’s name at Nemili
Will soon realize quite sincerely
He’s part of a happy and new family
Regardless of where one is born or the family one moves into
In the end, all arrive at Bala’s peetam, too. 82

Bala’s Peetam is a place where friends and relatives come to sing
Relieving the problems of others and for their welfare praying
It’s a place where those with pure and innocent hearts
Lead good lives
It’s here that many a good relationship arrives. 83

It’s a Peetam where true welcome is extended to all relations in the family
Where friends who enter get transformed into members of this family
Finding constant faults with those around makes one friendless, people often say
Yet if you come to the Peetam, your flaws will reduce, they definitely say! 84

8. Victorious Defeats

In this manner many days went by quite slowly
Bala thought she could use me to accomplish her writing holy
When my school days got over
I thought I would changeover
And at the Film Institute study my fancy whatsoever. 85

Confronting and crossing many hurdles I finally reached the place
Only to find failure confront and toss me out at furious pace
Only this time , to serve as an assistant director
I ended up with someone who was actually a director 86

However many were the obstacles that faced me,
Oh, all that I considered was for my good only
Only good things will happen was the movie’s title
Yet nothing good ever happened to me not even a little
So I continued to waste each day
Accomplishing nothing in life anyway. 87

My name would at least feature in the movie’s credits, I thought
Yet, when it was the only one to be removed, I suffered a lot
I was disheartened that such misery could happen only to me
I decided then that the silver screen was not really meant for me! 88

Hunting for a job, I wandered far and wide
Job hunting became a job; I roamed extensively outside
They say failure is the first step to success
Yet, when failure followed failure
I was totally disconsolate; life lost its allure. 89

Until I finished school no responsibilities did I have
Then, going on to college no worries did I have
In my mother’s dream Bala did say one day
Your son should write my story and to the whole world convey! 90

My mother, did of her dream tell me
Yet, her wishes never did I carry out fully
Somehow, I gave her the slip claiming proudly
That one day I would write this story
But would do it only after achieving fame and glory. 91

No fame, no glory did I get and the years rolled by
Not a single job worth the name did I even spy
When those who were younger started their job sooner
To whom could I complain ; Who could understand me better? 92

Only when it occurs once or twice can adversity be called hardship
Oh, but when it happens all the time what is adversity? What is hardship?
Looking at me the whole world did take pity and laugh at my fall
Oh, Why is it that I never could cry at all ? 93

Until today, I have never cried for myself
Oh until today, even that thought never occurred to this self
No laughter, no tears, What a Life this is I did say
And with distaste, picked up my pen on that day 94

The pen I picked up on that day I have not yet closed
Oh, until today Bala too has never left me foreclosed
She tells me one by one what to write savoring every little thing
Yet acts as if she knows not anything! 95

So many Gods there are in this world today
Yet to instruct like my mother and to teach who is there; can you say?
Bala is my body, my life breath and my speech too
Of this have no doubt, listen to me carefully please do! 96


Like my father , I did try hard , many songs to write
I realized Bala coming to sit in my mind, much to my delight
She changed my name from simple Giri to VenkatGiri
Many successes did she grant, showering blessings upon me! 97

I blossomed as Bala’s “dear son who has received divine grace”
Bala conferred on me that title , made me happy and continued to amaze
Whatever it is you require, only I shall give you
She said this with great authority, too! 98

To write her songs she selected me
And to sing my songs Madhu chose she!
Along with Madhu, his brother Rajini joined too
Along with me, my sister Sudha came too! 99

While I wrote the songs and Rajini, the music did compose
Madhu and Sudha came together to beautifully sing those!
Born were the songs that simply stunned the world and enraptured
For wherever they were sung, those families truly prospered. 100

Along with the “armor to ward off evil eyes”
The “hymn to ward off ills” was improvised
The whole world did enjoy “the hymn for education”
While, for the “Virutham” and “Andhadi” there was much fascination
Many, many were the songs Bala did give
All precious boons to help us a better life to live. 101

Our family came together through music and harmony
A new arrival Sundhar , came to join this symphony
Along with Madhu , Rajini, Sundar, Sudha and myself
This powerful team has now conquered the world itself! 102

As a caring Mother she did come in order to assist me
And lovingly did she give me the status of Baba.G!
Give away all your songs as holy initiation, she said
I’ll tell you their importance later, instead. 103

As Baba.G , I did respect Bala with humility
Giving initiation to all, without seeking eligibility
To increase world’s welfare and yours too I did strive
And when I heard Bala’s songs recited live in your homes
Much enjoyment did I derive . 104

By asking many questions I troubled Bala not
For carrying out rituals and wasting time, I had no thought
By achieving failure every time, a failure I was not
From failures, when I arose, this the world has not forgot! 105

If you realize this state to be one of Bliss
Never more in this world will you fret or anything go amiss
Friends or relatives will cause no anxiety, and will not trouble you
Once Bala is your only family , worries will no longer affect you! 106

Once you come here your standing will surely grow higher
Wherever you go, the world will realize you’re a high flyer
Nothing wicked, nothing dreadful can ever harm you
Once the initiation, you have taken too
No hurdles, no obstacles will stand in your way
Have no hesitation accepting this anyway. 107

Bala’s story is not one to conclude ever
None can express her many playful games, or even endeavor
Bala’s history shall never end quickly like a short story
Over many generations will it continue in glory! 108

To Be Continued……..