Friday, November 7, 2008

English Translation of Nemili Baba.G's "Bala Mahatmyam"


Loving blessings to everyone from Sri Bala.
This new book entitled “Bala Mahatmyam” ( Divine Glory of Bala) is an astounding treasure trove containing many special features. Although I have been composing Bala’s songs for over a decade, the new collection of verses called “Bala Mahatmyam” is completely different in comparison to any of my earlier works.

Until now, all the songs I have composed deal with various problems faced in life by each and every one of us. Each song addresses a particular issue and is written in such a manner that the devotee feels he or she is engaging in a direct conversation with Bala telling her all the problems and later, discovering solace and a solution. It’s as if I have seated all of you, the devotees, in front of me and then dealt with each one of your problems starting with personal issues and culminating in world welfare concerns. In this manner, I’ve opened up a direct link between all of you and Bala so you can appeal to her and solve your problems. I have never come in between you and Bala through the medium of these compositions. Instead, my songs form a link, a bridge between Bala and You.

However, what really amazes me is the fact that people have treated in an extremely casual manner this natural state of mine and have taken me for granted. The reason for this has to do with the differences between the person who gives, the “giver” and the person who receives, or the “receiver”.
The person who receives can never obtain everything from the “giver” because he simply doesn’t know the full potential of the latter. Similarly, the “giver” is not fully aware what the “receiver” actually needs.
At this juncture, a middleman’s presence can be useful. This person alone knows all the relevant information regarding the manner in which the “giver” can bestow as well as what exactly the “receiver” requires. Here, the “Giver” is Bala , the “Receiver” is You and the “middleman” is Me, Baba.G.
It is important to observe that the middleman who obtains everything from the “giver” and then distributes it according to the respective needs of all the “receivers”, fulfills a very important task because the accountability or responsibility of both the “giver” and “receiver” stops once something has been either given or received.
After receiving from Bala your job is over. Similarly, after giving you everything, Bala’s task is completed.
At this point, after you received something with a great amount of care from Bala, I have stepped in to assist you in continuing to behave in a responsible manner. For this purpose, I accepted “Deekshai” ( initiation) from Bala and have passed it directly on to all of you.

Normally, when a transaction takes place between two parties, a broker steps in to help conclude the deal. However, after the agreement has been successfully contracted, the middleman or broker departs after collecting his fees from both parties. He then moves on to find another job leaving the two parties on their own, saying “ hereafter it is your headache!”
The same kind of situation exists at present in the sphere of Spirituality today. One person acts as the broker , obtains everything from the “giver” and distributes this among the many “receivers”. In this situation, instead of giving any importance to the primary source or “giver”, more importance is given to the middleman who acts as the conduit. In fact, even the middleman who receives from the “giver” and merely passes it on to the end receiver, gives far less importance to the “giver” and pays more attention to the “receiver”.
In this situation, you might ask “Why should the Giver continue to give?” The answer is that the very job of the “giver” is to keep on giving. This answer should be more than enough for the middleman!
However, at Bala Peetam, the whole process of giving and receiving has been simplified.
As an illustration, if someone desperately longs for a child, the prevailing custom in our Hindu religion is to prescribe a long list of rituals that has to be executed. The relevant family members are asked to make several visits, perform many remedies and rituals, spend a lot of money, and ultimately made to lose not only their time and money but also their patience. However, at the completion of all these stringent procedures regardless of whether a child is born or not, at least the thought prevails that someone has undergone a lot of effort on my/ our behalf.

At Bala Peetam, my story is totally different. My job is done after giving you one book containing Bala Parayanam and one CD containing the song, “Bala Kaappu”. Thereafter, you are free to pray directly and most sincerely to Sri Bala and place your problem at her feet. In this case, where is the scope for anyone to pay respect to “Me” as the middleman?

Consider the following. One person wishes to buy property. Another wishes to sell his land. A broker comes in between seller and buyer and makes the two parties meet and discuss the issue. Soon, the property transfer is completed, money changes hands and the middleman collects his fee from both parties.
After his job is done and the commission is pocketed, the broker is no longer worried about either the land or its buyer. He now moves on to find two more eligible candidates for yet another transaction.

In contrast to the above case, my job is not finished after handing over “Bala Kaappu” to someone who longs for a child. After the baby is born, if it falls ill, the family returns to me. Similarly, after the child recovers and grows up to be a young adult, they will return to me so he or she can do well in studies and then land a nice job. Once more will the family return to me when they want to get their child married and yet again to pray for a grandchild, until the whole circle is complete. In all of these encounters, my share and contribution is certain.

However, I have instructed that you don’t necessarily have to come to me repeatedly in order to present your problems. The “Bala Parayanam” book contains several songs , like for example, “Noi Neekum Pathigam” ( hymn to remove all illnesses), “Bala Vidya Stuthi” (prayer for education), “Kann Dhrishti Neekum Kavacham” (armor to protect against evil eyes), “Kadan Thollai Neekum Paadal” ( song to remove burden of debts), etc.
In fact, whatever might be the problems that affect you in this world, I have written songs for each one of those situations.
After each one of your needs have been fulfilled and problems have been overcome, all you have to do is to say “Thank You” to Bala. In fact, I have written a separate song just to express gratitude and have imparted this to you.

To sum up, I have created a situation where you don’t really need to depend on me for anything. I have done this job with an innate ease and it is only recently I have been informed by Bala that this task also is something no one else is capable of either thinking about nor achieving.
While I have composed several songs for different situations, this recently created hymn, “Bala Mahatmyam” is indeed very, very unique. For, it was while I was writing this work that I took a look at “Who I really am”. I stared at myself and was astounded by what I saw!
It was only after the completion of this work, “Bala Mahatmyam”, that I got a clearer picture of the nature of these rare gifts I have received from Bala; the fame I have obtained so far and indeed the potency of the power within me.
After taking six days to write “Bala Charitham” (The Legend of Sri Bala), there were only five or six days left before the commencement of the Navarathri festival. One day, during this period when I planned to relax for a while, I was commanded by Bala to write the entire “Bala Mahatmyam”.
So, right after completing the 108 verses of Sri Bala Charitham, and within the next 24 hours, I finished writing all the 49 songs compiled in “Bala Mahatmyam”. Within this work, are contained nine verses under the heading “ On Relationships and Renunciation”. I started writing these at 3 a.m. in the morning and finished the chapter within 45 minutes without having to make any deletions or corrections.

While I was involved writing this book, I became aware of a sense of bewilderment and amazement building up within me. Even as I looked forward, eagerly, to discern my true self for the first time in my life, Bala picked up a mirror and gave it to me. To my utter surprise, what I saw in the mirror resembled a rapid succession of many faces appearing one after the other like graphics on a computer screen. I was witnessing a miraculous sight, one in which various faces came and went while I was at all times deeply aware of this sensation on a physical level.
It is very difficult to express in words the feeling of happiness I experienced at this moment. It appeared that I was formless, or else my physical form was of no consequence. There seemed to be several faces within or inside me. There were several physical forms or figures I could not see directly, yet, I could experience them in a very vivid manner through my own senses. What an extraordinary feeling it was!
After this revelation, I heard Bala’s advice to me and spent the rest of the day relaxing and wallowing in a sensation of true bliss and happiness.
It is often quoted that there are certain well guarded, divine secrets that should never be revealed . However, until today, all the advice and secret revelations that Bala has passed on to me, I have in turn, shared them with everyone through the media of articles, essays and songs.
What really surprises me is the fact that many people read my writings in a most superficial manner.
I shall share with you in this introductory piece, a divine secret that Bala has told me.
I am the main topic of this advice (secret revelation). In fact, this advice comprises Bala’s overview of my role in life.
Here is that advice:

There are innumerable people in this world who have received boons. The act of receiving such a divine blessing is known only to two individuals. One, is the person who receives the boon. The other is the “giver” of this gift. The “giver” does not publicize the fact he or she has given the boon to a particular person.
In this situation, if everyone is aware of the news that such a rare gift has been bestowed, it must surely be a result of the information passed on by the “receiver” to someone else. However, there is a particular piece of information that none of the boon receivers are aware of until now. This is the fact that there exist two distinct types of boons.
The first variety is where a person prays to God and is therefore granted his wish in the form of a boon. The second type is when a gift is bestowed by God without anyone asking for it. In the first case, when a wish is asked for, it is granted everytime the plea is registered as separate events.
Even so, the boon is not bestowed immediately. There are certain extraordinary feats one has to perform in order to merit it. Finally, the God you worship is pleased with you and your desires are fulfilled.
The second variety is where requests are granted immediately without one having to ask for them specifically. In other words, the first type is similar to getting paid wages for labor or physical effort. The boon is God’s remuneration for your sincere efforts.
On the other hand, the wish that is granted without the need to ask can be compared to a token of appreciation; a prize given by God . For the good deeds you have accomplished, God is happy and what is bestowed is an expression of his whole hearted appreciation.
In this second type of boon there is an unique level; a state that has never before been attained by anyone so far. Yet, You are the first person to have reached this level.
So saying, Bala stopped her discourse.
Although I felt I could understand somewhat, I realized I really couldn’t comprehend clearly what she was saying. It became clear later , as Bala started to explain in more detail.
In praise of your good heart and in recognition of the effort you put in to increase and develop your heart felt desire to help others, I have given immeasurable powers to both your eyes as well as hands. I have bestowed upon you this very esteemed prize as a special gift. Only I am fully aware of the true power contained in this boon I have given you.
However, even after receiving this unique gift from me you did not really attach too much importance to the fact that your eyes and hands have enormous power. You simply carried on in your normal activities without changing your personality. Witnessing your normal interaction with people around you I became extremely happy. When the person who has received divine gifts does not think too much about their special powers and instead focuses his mind only on God, the ultimate bestower of all boons, then the next gift will be granted to him not by his favorite deity but by all other blessed Gods and deities.

With regard to this matter, you are the only human being who has remained true to one God and conducted yourself in life with honesty and propriety. So, you are the first person to receive the entire lot of grants and wishes bestowed by all the other Gods.
Also, it is only You who can write about all these amazing divine secrets and that too, in an extremely ordinary manner.
Thus ended the divine speech and advice from Bala. How was I able to write about it? That is indeed the greatest wonder!
I have written in “Bala Andhadi” that people who sincerely pray to Bala to have their special wishes granted need only think of her sincerely at all times. Be it a living being or a non living being like a tree, even the latter will gain divinity. This is Bala’s greatness.
In the same manner, Bala has guided me in a progression of steps. After starting off as just a barren tree ( i.e. a person to whom Bala gave a title ), I have blossomed into a tree bearing ripe fruits and from there into a tree yielding knowledge of the highest degree. All these transformations going on within myself, I realized only after Bala informed me.
Even after having reached such a highly evolved state, I don’t really derive delight or happiness thinking about the rare powers Bala has given me. Instead, my devotion to Bala has deepened considerably and my only thought is “What else can I write about Her?”
If I have to explain this more simply, here is an anecdote.
Four people come to see me regularly, with great affection. Whenever they visit, they never ask for anything. However, they somehow fulfill all my requirements by anticipating them and consider this to be their loving service or duty towards me. As a token of appreciation, I usually give each person, Rs 1000.
However, one day I suddenly gave each person Rs 10 lakhs. The next time, three people didn’t show up. Only one person came. Upon enquiry as to why the other three were missing, I got the response “ Since each one of the three people have started their own business they couldn’t come. They don’t have enough spare time like they did previously”.
“Why don’t you start your own business?” I asked the one person who had come to me. His reply “ I don’t have sufficient time to even come here to take care of you and be of service to you. In this case, where do I have the time to start any business?”
Think of it this way:
In the place of this devoted person, I stand.
In my place stands Bala.
This is the truth. I simply don’t have the time nor inclination to examine, analyse or experiment with the gifts bestowed on me by either Bala or the other deities.
All I know and am sure about in my life are Bala and this pen she has given me. While everyone who has received boons tends to think more highly of their valuable powers and hardly spare a thought to God who has given it, I, on the other hand have placed beside me the unique boons gifted to me by Bala, saying that they only come next in importance after her. Following this maxim, I have simply carried on with the task of writing.
What use or value is it for you to know about my special powers?
Contemplate instead, on your contribution to society and the welfare of others.
When you do this, all the special privileges and boons will line up at your door.

Nemili Baba.G.

Sri Bala Charanam.


On Faith and a Fulfilled Life.

Abandon the tendency to worry just about yourself
When you pray for the welfare of others
Your life’s rewards, I shall grant you
Let go of the thought that problems afflict only you
When you live in the service of others
Your problems will let go of you! 1

A thousand people may say “No” to you
Yet who else is there, except me to say “Yes”?
Never conclude you cannot accomplish
Do not despair that you cannot achieve
When you understand I execute and carry out everything
In your life will commence a new dawning. 2

Regardless of the many sorrows that come your way
Despite a multitude of woes and endless heartache
Never ask “Why do all these problems occur only to me?”
Never allow your mind to get perturbed
Even when family mount all their problems on your head
I myself shall sit on your lap
Holding you, supporting you
Don’t ever forget! 3

Although you live with your family
I dwell within you
All your actions, be they right or wrong
Wholeheartedly I savor
Fill your heart with goodness, discard all that is wicked
Protect you I shall, like an eyelid does the eye
Abandon all your worries. 4

Leave outside your house
All sorrows and losses that come your way
Stop asking yourself “Why should I suffer?”
A house, life partner, children, riches, wealth and more
I will give everything you desire
This you must believe
No longer should you crave for anything, harbor suspicion or fear
Change yourself instantly right here. 5

Stop worrying what tomorrow holds in store for you
Don’t roam with your horoscope or soothsayers pursue
Problems can’t vanish by looking at the stars
Or by foretelling the future through astrology
When I occupy a place in your heart, troubles will never arise
So live not your life indulging in self-pity
Broadcast not your sorrows or cry to everyone in the city. 6

Although nine planets might be ascendant in your horoscope
Yet your life will fail to shine
Without my approval and blessings nothing will improve or prosper
When you obtain perfect peace of mind in my presence
And know this to be the Truth
Henceforth you shall certainly cease to engage
In actions that are wrong , wounding others’ hearts in rage 7



When you treat with respect all things given and received from me
Your good qualities will multiply, the world will hold you in high esteem
Whatever I give you can never be prevented or forestalled by anyone
Whatever I refuse or deny can never be granted by anyone! 1

By raising your hands to accept either a Sri Chakra or Dollar from me
Never will you be in a place
With hands raised in supplication or obligation to anyone
Never will you have to shed tears
By accepting whatever I give you
Your life shall prosper
My existence is never based or dependent on you
An extraordinary planet exists just for me! 2

When you expect to receive something from me and I refuse
This is for your own benefit
When you misunderstand why I don’t give what you want
For whose gain can that be?
Don’t say you will read the “prayer to remove illnesses” only when you fall sick
Long after you are rid of all diseases and on the road to good health
Don’t forget to read this hymn for general well being and strength. 3

When I ask you to tell me about your shortcomings
Catalogue all your faults, don’t hesitate to mention these to me
Yet, don’t inform me all about your wants and desires
When you receive a copy of “Bala Vijayam”
Don’t hasten to read just the “Golden words of Wisdom” at the very end
Inside the book are contained my writings
All of them “Golden Words”
Don’t forget to include these in your reading! 4

After accomplishing your needs and receiving everything from me
If you feel uncertain about visiting me or have second thoughts
When you hesitate to give anything to Me
Who gives everything to you
I shall separate myself from you and place you in an entirely separate world
Regardless of how many rebirths you may take
I will never again enter your thoughts even by mistake. 5

During prayer, if you address your personal needs first
I will address them last
Yet, when you place others’ wishes first and yours last
All your problems , worries and requirements
I shall take care of them at once. 6

Visit many temples as an expression of Faith or Bhakthi
Yet, do not immerse yourself in this quest entirely
Forgetting the passage of time
Wasting your time in fruitless pursuits does not constitute Faith
Spending your time for others’ wellbeing
That alone represents true Faith. 7



Once you have learned to walk head bowed, looking down
Then I will raise you to an unimaginable height
Never attempt, at anytime, to flaunt your talent and intellect to me
When love is not accompanied by humility
You will never be able to catch me! 1

Don’t plead loudly with me for Pity
Don’t broadcast your problems in public, bemoan your fate or express your grief
For the whole town to know
Never claim you know everything and misconstrue
I know everything about you
From this day forward, don’t dance to a wrong tune! 2

Many, many are the temples in this world where Gods reside
Many, many are the hearts where I reside
I have come to dwell in your heart
Never at any time forget this
Of all your faults I am fully aware
So commit not mistakes any more. 3

In spite of whatever happens, whatever you might forget
Never at any time forget me
Whatever you might lose, even if a bolt of thunder strikes you
Never lose sight of me
I steer this entire world
Will I not show you a way out?
Never shall I forsake or abandon
Any living creature who places full belief in Me! 4

Despite your many faults I still respect you and stay with you
Despite your ignorance, I call you near me
I give you everything
Consider how you conduct yourself before
Me, who grants all your wishes
Claiming to be righteous and wise
You do put on an act in front of me. 5

I know your true nature, a darker side known only to you
I was aware of all your actions before I came to dwell within you
Although you have committed mistakes earlier, it’s not necessary for them to recur
Having learned from your past mistakes, don’t forget to reform or change for the better. 6



Don’t question me who bestows all, even before you ask
Questioning my actions will turn your life into just a question mark
During either difficult times or while I’m imparting wisdom to you
Don’t burden me with questions
However, when you accomplish your goals after reaching me
Don’t forget to question yourself. 1

Abandoning me in anger will take you just one second
Yet, never will I ever have the heart to forsake your family
I think about you more often than you do of Me
Not realizing this, when you come to me complaining
I shall merely keep smiling. 2

While your thoughts constantly hover around your family
My thoughts surround and protect you at all times
You are surely aware I’m the sole reason for your life to flourish today
So, don’t forget to express your gratitude in some way. 3

Never enquire “What have you done for me?”
Never make a list of things you might have done for me or show this to me
Pride will surely bring about your ruin
Remove arrogance, learn to be selfless
Only then can you realize your true “self”. 4

Seeking you out in your own home, extending you a helping hand
This is my usual practice
Yet, seeking me out only when you need help appears to be your normal practice
Fulfilling all your wants, not keeping track of your countless demands
Is enjoyable for me
Yet, grudging every penny you spend on me and controlling the budget
Seems to be a pastime for you! 5

If you realize I live within you
Never will you lower your self esteem
Never will you bemoan that this precious life is useless
Remember, I sought you out even before you started searching for me
I granted all your wishes even before you commenced praying to me. 6



Foolish are those who deceive and grab others’ wealth
By claiming to predict the future
Yet even more foolish are those who rush after these false prophets
With burning desire to know what their future holds
When his future is in my hands, what can the mystic predict?
Knowing this to be the truth
Why the frantic rush to know what the future will reveal? 1

Deciding what your needs are is entirely my choice
Yet, Concluding you have received enough is entirely wrong
About this entire universe I am fully aware
To know what’s in your heart is certainly no hard task for me
Comprehend this
When wickedness fills your heart
Can life’s new dawning really commence? 2

As far as possible don’t reveal any of your decisions to Me
Never forget
My decision alone heralds a fresh start for you
No one can either understand Me or catch Me easily
When you breathe the message of Love in your heart
And show affection to all living beings
Never will you be able to lose sight of Me. 3

For all your good attributes I alone am responsible
For all your negative traits, You alone are accountable
Leave in my care whatever might be worrying you
Reduce the habit of behaving irresponsibly and
Start lessening the sufferings and misery of others around you. 4
Forgetting the many good qualities hidden inside
Why emphasize only the few evil traits you possess?
Expose your good side to the world
Set an example to others
And make them tread the virtuous path as revealed by your elders. 5

When you show respect only to those with wealth
When you shun and disrespect poverty, forget the wellbeing of those around
And Yet worship me in isolation
These actions are totally unjust
It’s a crime to waste your life without direction
When you know you are fully capable of achieving
The moment you realize this truth
You will begin to enjoy a higher, more purposeful life. 6

Seeking peace of mind, it’s enough to visit temples just once
The next time, if you must,
Go and pray for the wellbeing of others
It is only natural to love the deity you are devoted to
Yet, when by actions you endear yourself to God
That is the true significance of Life. 7



You don’t live in harmony with the few good members in your family
You visit Me at the Peetam, but not in their company
Yet, the minute you enter, you sing an earnest prayer
Pleading for closeness, togetherness and unity
I am completely familiar with you and this world
Whom do you think you are deceiving? 1

You complained your relatives caused you worries and heartache
You rejected kith and kin and renounced all worldly ties
Yet, life as an ascetic might never be care free, you’ll soon see
When inappropriate associations threaten renunciation
The world will never cease to trouble you
Have you forgotten this is true? 2

Never deny or misunderstand the sanctity of Birth
Never accept all renunciation as being really true
Perceiving the truth that birth and death occur just once
Why do you need to reject this life?
Discarding family and friends
You shall merely drift, and aimlessly spend this life 3

Hiding a thousand impurities within yourself
A thousand prayers and penances did you perform
A thousand religious customs and proprieties did you observe
And carry out a thousand holy rites
Reciting thousands of mystical incantations
The dirt in your heart, you let it accumulate and into a mountain grow
Just as splashing holy vermilion can never a refuse heap sanctify
In your inner self, heaped with impurities
You became just that! 4

Concealing the dirt in your mind
You strove to keep your external appearance clean and dirt free
Concluding your heart was chaste enough
You neglected personal hygiene
Both your physical body and mind
Are valuable boons I have given you
This you quite forgot
Piling impurities in both mind and body
You simply disgraced me. 5

Witnessing advertisements for huge yagnas and massive, religious rites,
You tend to get carried away, overawed by their seductive promises
Even though you realize these acts are mere monetary bargains
Yet, You continue to remain amazed
Pomp and show can never be part of spiritual endeavor
When this truth you realize and discard false acts
Peace of mind will instantly descend, this is a true fact. 6

An Ascetic is God’s instrument sent on earth to relieve others’ suffering
A woman is God’s creation, an embodiment of Sacrifice
When her divine status she forgets and falls at the feet
Of one who has rejected everything of this world
This is an act that slights God’s wishes
Why has she, of this, lost sight? 7

Stop finding fault with family and friends around you
Cease to think about their shortcomings or worth
Never shrug off good relationships in hatred
Even when the whole world opposes you
I am here to raise your standing in life
Never forget this
So, Don’t forget to extend a helping hand
To those below you. 8

Never, at any time, push away family members who are good at heart
Never think that money alone is sufficient and good qualities are not necessary
Never hate, shun or mock poverty
All these negative traits
My heart can never tolerate from anyone at anytime. 9



You show no fear, express not the slightest timidity
Whilst asking favors from me
Why is it that when all your wants are fulfilled
All your goals are accomplished
You shy away from acknowledging my help?
When you come to me with expectation
And face disappointment instead
When you suffer, all alone and are in deep distress
I shall be there with you
Comforting you, supporting you
Don’t ever forget that. 1

When you come to Me
Alone, in utter despair and inconsolable grief
When you stand in front of Me with tears in your eyes
In deep anguish
I will also be there alongside you!
Asking others to perform holy rites on your behalf
Will never eradicate your problems
Instead, Place your sorrows and troubles at My feet
And soon, they will disappear. 2

Don’t fear either your enemies or opponents
And pounce on them with anger
Don’t jump with rage into the arena of warfare
And react with fury and in haste
When you do this
I shall stand inert, hands folded quietly by my side
Yet, Into the battle field I myself shall descend
When you show patience and stand quietly
Hands by your side. 3

If family and relations make you cry
Shed those tears quickly, but forget this at once
If people cause you to take a tumble
Fall down immediately, but get up at once
No one can make you weep or cause destruction to you anymore
Who can annihilate you?
Come to me, stand by my side. 4

By crying, lamenting and giving vent to your sorrow
Your problems will never get solved
No more will you have to face a world of darkness and despair
No longer will you have to yearn or pray for anything
When you are sagging under the burden of your problems
I shall always protect you, never ever forget this! 5

Having ups and downs in life are not considered flaws
Taking a tumble and then getting up no defects make
If you accept this, then don’t forget
That concealing and hiding your downturn is an error
When you accept this truth, all wounds will vanish like a magical illusion
No more will worries or sorrows affect you
Once you have completely understood Me! 6

When you have been deserted by the entire world around you
When you are abandoned by all
Without any prospect of hope or help
My tender hands will clasp yours warmly
And protecting your whole family
Remain with you until the very end. 7


Sunday, November 2, 2008