Sunday, November 2, 2008

Baala images


Radhika said...

I am so mesmerized by Baala that I cannot stop talking about her to each and everyone who seems to be so interested. Your diary is coming so handy for me to show them a glimpse of the glory. I am so touched and blessed just to have seen Baala and you.

Radhika said...
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Krishnan said...

I have similar experience fifteen days back. It was about 10.30 PM , Iam just started my sleep. I find sudden change in the lightings in the room, there was dark around and some intution made me to wake up. I opened my eyes and heard the sound of anklets so claerly and heard the foot steps walking towards me. In the dark I saw a light spot coming towards me. Entire body started to shiver and the shivering increased when the light came more towards me. Suddenly there was like a blast everything vanished and I was literally crying. I do Bala manthra everyday and also Pancha Dasakshari..I cannot forget this instance throughout my life..