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March 18, 2009

A Divine Couple:

Sri Ezhilmani and Smt. Nagalakshmi

Sri Bala Peetam, Nemili.

Sri Bala interrupted my meditation this morning and said “ I want you to publish on the blog site that pencil sketch you did recently of my son, Ezhilmani and his wife and write a short article about how this drawing came to be executed”.

So, I sat in front of my computer and prepared to type. Hardly had I typed in the first word when I was interrupted by the doorbell. For the next half hour I was kept busy doing a few chores.

The relaxed mood was gone and when I sat down in front of my laptop once again, I didn’t feel like writing anything. Closing my eyes I tried to shut off all thoughts, including that of Bala.

I told her I wasn’t in the mood to talk to her just then. However, a plaintive voice kept interrupting the silence. “ Please don’t fight with me. I want you to write up this piece today and publish that drawing on the website. Please do this task for my sake. Mentally, I could see a little child dragging me reluctantly by my hands.

Wiping away my tears, I remarked rather grudgingly “ Ok Bala, I’ll do this for you today. However, You must tell me what to write. I am simply not in a suitable frame of mind to type an article for my website”.

Swiftly came the response “ I’m glad you listened to me. Don’t worry, you will only put down what I want you to write”.

So here I am, giving you this little prelude to the topic of today’s blog.

Why did I draw a pencil sketch of Sri Ezhilmani and his wife?

Well, a week ago, I received a CD from Sri Bala Peetam at Nemili containing some photos taken at Sri Ezhilmani’s 71st birthday celebrations. I also received two of the CD’s that had been released on that day. The first one “ Elimaye Ezhil” contained songs in praise of Ezhilmani, highlighting the fact he is an embodiment of simplicity. In fact, there is a song in this CD sung by a young child praising the Peetathipadhi. When I listened to it I felt here was Sri Bala herself , happily singing in praise of her son!

The second CD called “ Ezhilmani’s Isai Yathirai” contains a collection of songs in praise of Pillayar, Murugan, Shiva, Vishnu, Ayyappan, Amman, etc. The listener is taken on a virtual pilgrimage to all the famous temples dedicated to the above mentioned deities culminating in a visit to Sri Bala Peetam.

I listened to these two CD’S over and over again savouring the lyrics and music , mentally thanking the many singers who had put in so much effort in rendering these lilting melodies.

The photo album containing some 300 photos taken during the two days of Sri Ezhilmani’s birthday transported me to the venue where this function was hosted and made me feel fulfilled as if I had virtually attended the event and received the divine couple’s blessings.

It was at this moment Sri Bala asked me to do a painting of her son and his wife. However, there were so many photographs and I didn’t know which one to choose . Here too, Bala was in command. She seemed to sit in my thoughts so firmly that day. Without hesitation, I picked out just one photo of the couple. That was it! My drawing would be based on this solitary photograph of the smiling couple.

The moment I made this choice, a parcel was slipped through my letter box. This contained the little pamphlet called “ Bala Vijayam”, a monthly newsletter from the Peetam. Opening it I flipped through the pages and at the end, there were some photos of the birthday function. It was hardly a surprise to find that the photo I picked ( or rather, chosen by Bala) was the one posted right at the end , with the caption , “ end of the function”.

I decided to go to the nearby internet café to print out this photo on a larger sheet of paper, so I could see the details more clearly. It was a bright and sunny afternoon, albeit cold. My husband and I decided to walk up to the shop as it would be a good 30 minute exercise. We had hardly proceeded for five minutes before the skies turned ominously dark. Thunder clouds scudded across the sky. I quickened my pace hoping to reach the shop before the heavens opened up. I was not lucky. There was a huge bolt of lightening, followed by an ear splitting crackle of thunder and rain started pelting down in the form of hail stones.
I opened the tiny, emergency umbrella tucked inside my handbag but this provided no protection whatsoever as the winds were too strong.

We were already half way up to the shop. Taking shelter in the foyer of a nearby restaurant, I suggested to my husband we should turn back. However, he insisted that we should be able to make it to the internet shop.

Meanwhile, even as I stood at the entrance of that restaurant, soaking wet and my shoes squelching with water, I heard Bala distinctly . She said “ Don’t think that its all that easy to do this drawing. This rain is a sign of blessing to you because you are chosen to draw it. It also indicates the power exuded by this divine family. The rain will stop exactly the moment you print out this photo”.

We waited ten minutes hoping for the rain to abate. It did not seem to be lessening in strength. Finally, my husband and I just ran the remaining distance, entering the internet café , with water dripping from our faces and coats.

Within a few minutes, I finished the task of enlarging the photo of Sri Ezhilmani and printed it out on an A4 sheet of paper. Contrary to my expectations, the color quality wasn’t very good at all. However, that was the best resolution I could get that day!

My mind was whirling with many conflicting thoughts. Perhaps, I shouldn’t really do this drawing. I have never done portraits before. I wasn’t too sure if I could copy and portray these lovely people to Bala’s satisfaction.

Just as the sheet of paper was ejected from the printer, I looked out of the shop window. The rain had stopped completely!!

There was not a trace of it; no drizzle, nothing. The sun was coming out! I paid for my photo and walked out of the shop into sunshine. My husband who had remained quiet thus far, remarked “ Wow, that’s really amazing. I’ve never, ever experienced such an unnatural phenomenon before.”

We could see too, that many people on the street had been caught out totally unprepared for this sharp, sudden downpour.

After I reached home that day and got out of my wet clothes, I immediately set about the task of drawing this picture.

Although I was extremely skeptical of my ability to do a portrait, I placed all my trust in Bala and she has guided me step by step to complete this drawing. The result as you can witness is as She intended. Sri Ezhilmani is an extremely simple and humble person despite his high status as the head of Sri Bala Peetam. As if to reinforce this particular virtue, Bala asked me to present this drawing as a very plain pencil sketch even though I initially wished to depict this portrait in color. Similarly, Smt Nagalakshmi or “Baby Amma” as everyone calls her is an extremely cheerful lady, a personification of calmness and grace. The warmth and affection with which she greets all visitors to the Peetam and the hospitality she extends are greatly appreciated by one and all!

I sincerely hope that a glance of the shining and serene faces of this lovely couple brings happiness and joy in all your lives.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sri Bala Image Thirteen





Although very young, the mere smile she emanates agitates this entire world
Oh dear one, staying forever a nine year old child
You speak the truth of the Vedas
You are foremost among all Gods in destroying sorrows
Oh surprising and Sanctified girl!
You are the first to reach our side to give protection
And final liberation too!

Sri Bala’s Message:

“ I shall grant all riches and affluence to my sincere devotees. Those who look upon my image as a consolidation of all the eight Goddesses of wealth ( Ashta Lakshmis) , will never want for anything in Life. I shall grant you good education, mental and physical well being, a fine education and a job. With my blessings you shall find a good life partner, start a family and acquire all the ingredients that will make your family life happy, prosperous and peaceful. My grace shall extend to your progeny as well , for generations to come. However, if you forget me after having obtained all your desires, then I shall have no hesitation in separating you from myself. I will place you in a world so far removed, that in all the future births you might take, I will never even enter your thoughts!”.

My thoughts on the painting:

This painting was finished on February 12th, 2009. I executed it as a tribute to Sri Ezhilmani on his 71st birthday. The entire time I was involved in completing this drawing, my thoughts hovered around this family who were celebrating the function in a hall in Kancheepuram. I wanted to portray Bala wearing a blue dress. However, it was her express instruction to use pink! The two, decorated gold elephants near the base of the Peetam were placed in also, at her request.
As I was reading the Andhadhi verse that accompanies this image, Sri Bala came into my thoughts and said “ In this picture, I’m called Aishwarya Bala because I represent the combined power of all the Goddesses of Wealth!”.

I sent photos of all these 13 images via e-mail to Sri Bala peetam since I wanted Sri Ezhilmani to bless them before I published the same on my website. It came as no surprise that this final image was the one he liked “best”.

Sri Bala Charanam.

This final picture, shall bless everyone with all treasures, both material and spiritual and completely bring to a close all the negative consequences of “prarabdha karmas” and “vasanas”. Prarabdha refers to those actions we might have committed in past lives whose results have fructified in this, current lifetime. The impact of these actions could be either good or bad . Vasanas indicate deeply ingrained personality traits that we have not been able to shake off in many births. These combine to result in inexpicable joy or sorrow in our current lives. By completely surrendering at Sri Bala’s feet, all negative traits will slowly disappear and even the cruel tricks of destiny can be outwitted if one can achieve Sri Bala as a Life- Companion!

Sri Bala Charanam

March 1, 2009.

A Final Note:
Dear Sri Bala,
With Your BOUNDLESS Grace and Mercy, I have successfully published these writings at just about 4 p.m. on MARCH 1ST, 2009.

Sri Bala, Image Twelve



In contrast to all the other images which have been teamed up with a verse from the Andhadhi, I have been instructed to translate and present the prayer to Sri Chakra written by Sri Baba.G, to accompany this twelfth image. The Sri Chakra is a precious symbol of unity between the individual and the Cosmos, often visualized as the unity between Shiva and his Shakthi, or latent power, Maya.

Although, I have drawn this sacred diagram several times, I found this time that merely listening to Sri Bala’s songs was not sufficient in order to project this image on paper. I was having difficulty constructing the complicated arrangement of the 43 interlocking triangles. I paused for a moment and meditating intently on the holy mother, Sri Raja Rajeshwari, recited the very powerful verses of both Lalitha Sahasranamam and Khadgamala Stotram. Within a few minutes, the diagram was finished.

In what follows I shall give a translation of Sri Bala’s Sri Chakra hymn. It should be noted that each line of this Tamil song ends with the word “karam”, which refers to “hand”.
In the final line of the prayer the lines read:
“Which hand (karam) grants everything?”
Why, that is none other than the Sri Chakkaram!

The final word “Chakkaram” ( Sri Chakra) rhymes with the often used word “karam”, in this prayer.

Many wishes, without questions does one hand bestow
Much prosperity does it furnish, this hand
In one second it does protect you, this one hand
Many diseases and illnesses does it remove, this one hand

Whatever may be your heart’s desire, it confers, this hand
Complete peace of mind does it give, this one hand,
As your total support does it arrive, this hand
Dissolving all heart aches, this one hand!

Bestowing intelligence this one hand
Prevents much destruction, this very hand
Revealing love this one hand
Feeds you good moral values, this hand!

Extolled and praised by everyone
Awarding everything to all
That hand--- Which is that Hand?
Why that (Karam) is nothing but
Sri Bala (Sri) Chakram!

Sri Bala’s Message:

“ My Sri Chakra is of enormous significance to my devotees. This can be obtained only at My Peetam and is like a protective amulet for you. The power of this Sri Chakra cannot be easily revealed. However, it will provide everything positive and auspicious for those who sincerely believe in me! Keep it near you or with you at all times. No harm can befall you, no illness can attack you and never will evil intentions or bad thoughts take hold of you. In this Sri Chakra, my mother and I are both united happily and together, we shall take care of you !”.

Sri Bala Charanam.

It was Sri Bala’s instruction that I should portray her in thirteen images. In this diagrammatic representation too, Sri Bala is present, inside the inner most central point or Bindu, where she is in union with Sri Lalitha Parameshwari!.
Meditation on this image is guaranteed to bestow all prosperity on faithful devotees.

February 28, 2009.

Sri Bala Image Eleven




Oh beauteous one who comes riding on a chariot
To bless us with salvation before the very blood dries up in our veins!
By paying obeisance to you, our fortune and fame increases and grows!
Oh mother, singing your praises makes our hearts as pure as clear water
This is the truth
Not more wealth or comforts do we desire
Only, good thoughts and intentions!

Sri Bala’s Message

“At the very end of your life, I shall come to grant you eternal salvation and carry you to my own world. You shall ride with me in my golden chariot and forever be happy in my child’s world inhabited by innocent and pure souls! Fortune and Fame I shall grant you these while on earth. Yet, the trappings of wealth can never bring you that lasting peace or happiness which you shall encounter alongside Me. Think good thoughts, perform good actions and serve the needs of those less fortunate with kindness and compassion. These actions are very dear to me and you shall always remain at my side”.

My thoughts on the painting:

This image is not one of my best efforts to depict Bala and I had originally meant to discard it. However, following Sri Bala’s instructions I have retained this picture and have presented it here with , what I consider to be a “mismatched” verse from Sri Bala Andhadhi. Bala is described in this verse as a “Rathi” ( beautiful lady), who rides on a “Ratham”( chariot), to reach her devotees before the “Rattham” (blood) dries up in their bodies. In tamil, the verse reads:

Rattham sundum mun, Ratham eri varum Rathi--- ( before blood dries up, beautiful (lady, who)comes riding (on) a chariot.

Here is a clear indication from Sri Bala that complete surrender at her feet will surely lead to clarity and purity of mind in the hearts of her devotees, who , at the end of their lives will be carefully guided by this beautiful lady into the next world; the magical child’s world of Sri Bala.

In a very typical manner, Bala has once again chosen what I considered to be my worst effort and given it a high status by teaming it up with one of the most powerful and significant verses in the Andhadhi.

Sri Bala Charanam.

A mere glance at this image hand-picked by Sri Bala will instantly lift the veil of ignorance and provide clarity of mind.

February 27, 2009.

Tenth Image Of Sri Bala





Adorned beautifully, She smiles prettily
Her mere glance instantly setting ablaze all wicked people
And destroying those who cast derision
At her sheer touch, sour- tasting salt turns sweet
And the very mention of her sacred name
Makes destiny recoil and lose its power
As it cringes and hides out of fear
Seeking to grasp Her hallowed feet.

Sri Bala’s Message:

“You can achieve nothing without my grace. I have created this entire universe and control all your thoughts and actions as well. You see me seated as a tiny figure on this gigantic chariot. The four wheels of this chariot stand for Truth, Love, Faith and Effort. Armed with these four traits, you can win over unrighteousness and wickedness. Even the immutable laws of destiny that have been pre selected for you will necessarily alter its course once you have placed complete faith in me. Once you have become dear to me, my very glance shall protect you at all times from the intentions and actions of vindictive people. Take refuge at my feet and fear not what your future holds in store for you!”.

My thoughts on the painting:

It was Sri Bala’s wish that I should draw her as a tiny figure, seated on this huge, decorated chariot. As I was embellishing the chariot, the thought occurred to me that when this drawing was finished, Bala’s face would be hardly visible. Contrary to my expectations, Bala’s small, moon-like face radiates with a rare clarity in this painting.
Another small thought perturbed me. The Andhadhi verse chosen by Bala to accompany this drawing has no mention of her riding on a chariot. Yet, the verse chosen for the very next one, image eleven ( verse no: 84) , is full of chariot imagery!

I asked myself many times why Bala had not chosen verse no:84, instead to accompany this particular drawing. I did not get any answer and then remembered her express directive “Do not question me when I tell you to perform certain actions”. So, I have not deviated either from the order or precise numberings given to the presentation of both these pictures/images or matching each of them with Bala’s pre-selected verses .

Sri Bala Charanam.
Do not underestimate the power of this image. Sri Bala is here here to destroy all those evil intentions and obstacles standing in the path towards self- realization.

February 26, 2009.

Ninth Image Of Sri BALA





OH beautiful lady, even the sun that revolves in this universe
Seeks to reach only your sacred feet
My very Life I am prepared to sell
To have the talent of weaving your image into my poems
And entice you into my heart
Even the fiercest of ascetics who have renounced everything
Jostle each other to be the first to reach you
Just to catch a glance of your enchanting smile!

Sri Bala’s message:

“ I shine brighter than the Sun! I have created this entire Universe , planets and the constellation of stars. Yet, no single star can shine more brightly than me. I radiate warmth and love and my tenderness to devotees is as cool and gentle as the deep blue sea. I sit here in my abode watching my devotees as they carry on their lives. Sometimes, I laugh when I see the antics they perform or when they forget Me! Nemili is my resting place, my Home from where I activate this universe and those people who belong in my “little” world. All the skills are at my pleasure and command. I endow different people with the ability to write, paint, sing and dance so I can be happy. I take great enjoyment in listening to music as well as seeing myself portrayed in various colorful images. However, don’t forget, these skills are given to you by me for My pleasure”.

My thoughts on the painting:

This drawing was my second attempt to depict Sri Bala on a swing. I did it because I wasn’t too happy with the earlier picture. Unmistakably, precise directions (mental suggestions) were given by Bala regarding this drawing. For example, the wavy, star-like pattern of her billowing skirt as well as using the color blue in the center of this image. The use of Gold color in the background was also suggested by Sri Bala. It was only after I read the Andhadhi verse she had selected for this drawing, did I realize the significance of this painting and the colors.
It is quite clear that Sri Bala was meant to be portrayed as residing inside a vast, golden star! The “blue” color is to depict her “cooling” grace on the devotees.
An enchanting smile was the final touch! Words cannot describe my feelings as I read the Andhadhi verse, pre selected for this image.

There’s another small incident that happened on the day I drew this picture. Now, it so happened that it was Pournami or Full Moon on the day I was completing this picture. Since I was in London at that time, I had made arrangements through a friend in Chennai to send some sweets and savouries to Sri Bala Peetam at Nemili. My friend called me after collecting the edibles and asked me if there was anything else she should take with her. I thanked her for helping me but said nothing else was required and disconnected the phone. The moment I put the phone down, I heard Bala’s voice “ Send a blue saree and a blue silk dhothi for my son and his wife”.
Not hesitating for a minute, I called my friend once more. When she came on the line, something made me tell her “ Go to the saree shop and buy the first saree that the sales person throws down. You’ll see this is a blue saree. Just buy it and get a dark blue silk dhothi for Sri Ezhilmani Mama as well”.

My friend called me from “Nalli’s” within half hour. She said in a voice choked with amazement
“ How on earth would you know that the first saree would be a blue one. I am standing here in this crowded shop and this guy has just thrown down a beautiful blue saree”!

Later, after my friend had delivered this precious cargo at Bala’s house in Nemili, she called me from the Peetam and I was able to talk to Sri Ezhilmani. I told him “Mama, I hope you can use this dark blue Veshti. I sent that for you and the blue saree for Baby Amma, because Bala kept insisting on it”.
Sri Ezhilmani handed over the phone to his wife, who said “ It is no mere coincidence. On Thursday, this week we are celebrating Mama’s 71st birthday, as you know. But Bala has just told all of us to wear blue. I was just asking my daughter in law to check if I had any saree in that color. Your gift came just in time. I will wear it on that day “.

This is just one more example of Bala’s divine, mischievous Lila!

Sri Bala Charanam

Gazing at Sri Bala with her enchanting smile in this picture, where she shines more lustrous than a star, all your latent abilities will be activated, so you can excel in whatever field of education or profession you have chosen!

February 25, 2009.

Eighth Image Of Sri Bala




I think of you constantly while treading on this life-path
If your memory should by chance recede
Then, even sweet , sugar syrup will taste bitter
And milk turn into poison
My heart, burdened with sorrow shall burn with anguish
Desirous of catching a glimpse of your lovely face
And my restless mind
On mighty ocean waves will be tossed!

Bala’s Message:

“If you are destined to visit my Peetam even just once, I will surely bless you with abundant prosperity and good health for the rest of your life. I shall be a steadfast and constant companion as you tread on this journey called life. However, after you achieve all your desires, if you happen to forget Me, or stop coming to my Peetam, I will still be there at your side, but you will definitely feel the pangs of separation since you will never be able to see me as clearly as you did before. When I am constantly in your thoughts, I am also there in your heart. I talk to you every day, give you advice and guide you in your actions. Yet, when you forget me, no longer can you “hear” my voice, even though I am still talking to you. Instead, your mind will get agitated easily and all your negative traits will rush out to control your actions, now that I am no longer giving them orders!”

My thoughts on the painting:

There are two images of Sri Bala seated on a swing in this set of 13 auspicious images and this is one of them. Actually, I wasn’t very happy with the way this illustration turned out and drew the second image in order to replace it.

However, as per the instructions given by Bala herself, I have included this drawing in the set, since Bala has chosen a verse in the Andhadhi to accompany it.

Just as the swing moves gently to and fro, coming nearer towards you and then, instantly receding backwards, so too are our thoughts regarding Bala!
She is telling me this right now as I am typing up the explanation.

I was going to put in the phrase “ just as the swing represents by its gentle, swaying motion, the ups and downs of life”.

But, Bala stopped me in my thoughts.

“I want you to write that the swing and its movement represents ME coming nearer and closer to you and then immediately going away from you as well”.
But why? I wondered. “Why should you keep up this illusion of being with a devotee and then vanish for a second; and then come back once more?” How long will you do this?

I don’t know what made me ask this question.
The answer from Bala:

My devotees are of two varieties. One lot think of me constantly and are totally devoted. In their hearts, I am solidly present and they know it too! However, the second set of people are a vacillating lot. I come close to them and grant their desires and then recede. I come again, closer to them, the next time they place a request at my feet. I will always satisfy my devotees’ desires, so both sets of people need not worry. However, “I” will only permanently reside in the heart of that person who constantly is engrossed in my thought and talks to me from his heart “believing” fully that I am living there. I will be a constant, life-companion to those devotees who fall into this group”.

Sri Bala Charanam.

These are true words and Bala, that delightful child-Goddess will become united with you when you reach this state of non-duality!

February 24, 2009.

Seventh Image Of Sri Bala




Travel in all eight cardinal directions, fearlessly
Attaining victory in all pursuits
Defeat all evil tendencies with the support of this Child so pure
Declare with conviction “Bala is the deity supreme in this Kali Yuga”
“ We surrender completely at her feet, at all times”
Proclaim this message to everyone!

Bala’s Message:

“To obtain a successful resolution in any situation you have to put in both hard work and effort. However, don’t think that your intelligence or ability alone achieves the result. You need my divine support for success in every task you undertake in life. Don’t show off to me your talent and skill. I know you and the amount of intelligence you possess. Show me instead your love and you will see your life beginning to prosper. Submit your love and dedication at my feet. Then travel wherever life takes you. Study hard, work with diligence and you can carve out a life where I will be with you at every step, like a shadow, supporting you, protecting you , advising you and above all holding you when you take a fall. Many are the battles you will face in life. When you come into my circle of grace, all these can be won without any effort on your part”.

My thoughts on the painting:

This drawing is the customary depiction of Sri Bala seated on a lotus with four hands , holding a book and sacred beads in two of her hands; the boon- giving and fear- dispelling gestures in the other two hands, respectively. It was Sri Bala’s desire to be portrayed in this style because she appears to her devotees here as the supreme Child Goddess who is taking complete charge of their lives. Both the advancement in material pursuits as well as spiritual pursuits are symbolized by this icon.

Sri Bala Charanam.

With Bala herself guiding you from within your heart, you can certainly emerge victorious in every situation!

February 23rd, 2009

Sixth Image Of Sri Bala





Can a day be classified as either auspicious or not?
Can mal alignment of planets in horoscopes really affect your life?
When you enter the Peetam where Bala reigns with happiness and childish joy
Diseases can never bother you
Even a poisonous scorpion will exit from this place
Emitting sweet honey, instead!
All sorrow and worries, will walk out
Murmuring in protest as they fully disappear from your life!


“ Never entertain Fear in your hearts when I am here to take care of you. When I am trying to enter your heart and sit there, how can you entertain an unwelcome guest? Banish all fears and worries. Don’t fall into the trap of astrologers and soothsayers who point out various defects in your horoscope and ask you to perform innumerable rituals to negate the adverse effects of planets in your life. Believe in me. Come to my peetam and get instantly cured of all your diseases and worries. I know what is affecting you now. I am also aware of what is going to happen to you in the future. Whatever happens to you in this lifetime, after you have reached my feet, will be entirely in my hands. Whatever I give, no one can prevent. Remember, whatever I don’t grant, none can give you!”

My thoughts on the painting.

This is a painting of Sri Bala in her “kavacham”. There is an interesting story about how this tiny armour or “kavacham”, studded with precious stones, was given to Sri Bala Peetam. Sri Bala appeared in the dream of a devout person living in Coimbatore and requested him to make this tiny dress for her in gold, embellished with stones. Now, this man had never been to Nemili and had no idea of the exact size of this tiny , sacred image of Sri Bala. However, he did make a small, stiff, skirt-like ornament, with the two hands stretched downwards, as you can see in my drawing. He brought it all the way to Sri Bala Peetam. It was no surprise that this Kavacham was a perfect fit!
It was Sri Bala’s specific request that I should paint her in this posture, standing on a shining, golden lotus. The moment I finished this painting and stepped back to view it, Sri Bala seemed to come to life and gave me a fleeting, mischievous smile! This is one of my favourite paintings in the set of 13 images I have completed!

Sri Bala Charanam.

Absolutely no doubt that Sri Bala is completely “alive” in this image. Ask her whatever you want and it shall be granted immediately!

February 22, 2009.

Fifth Image Of Sri Bala





Remain steadfast in her memory every single day
Consuming like food, her glorious name without tiring
Bring peace and calm into your restless mind
Chanting her kavacham, a medicine most potent
Then forget all your problems,
Like offering a grand feast surrender your very self to her
And hasten to watch with amazement all her awe inspiring miracles!

Bala’s message:

“ Whoever thinks of me constantly and attributes all his actions and their results as a consequence of my grace is indeed very dear to me. The devotee who goes through each day contemplating on me every moment, he who says my name with each breath he takes, he who casts aside all the derisions and mocking of people around him and stays forever loving me and wishing to serve me, this person has all my grace and more. The devotee who reads my kavacham every day will be instantly protected and cured from all his suffering and anguish. For the simple, pure hearted souls who are totally immersed in my thought, I shall cause miracles to happen in their lives!”

My thoughts on the painting.

I felt that Sri Bala had to appear most regal in this drawing. Indeed, like a huge ray of sunshine, she emerges in this image to obliterate all our worries and to protect her very dear devotees.I got the strong mental suggestion to draw her in a green skirt. Both her eyes and hands have enormous power in this particular image. Surrendering at her tiny, holy feet will surely bring everyone mental clarity and peace of mind.

Sri Bala Charanam.

Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts or face a situation that seems hopeless, we get weaker in mind and spirit. Depression sets in. By looking at this image and reading Sri Bala Kavacham ( written by Kavignar Sri Nemili Ezhilmani), all problems will vanish; answers will be found; and miraculous events will happen to put you on the path of total devotion to Sri Bala.

February 21, 2009.

Fourth Image Of Sri Bala





Oh beautiful lady who speaks the truth
Your face will surely destroy all foes
There’s no need to conduct complex rituals or get mentally disturbed
Our bodies are like sacrificial pits and when we pour into it daily
Bala’s songs as oblations with devotion unsullied
Certainly salvation can be attained!

Bala’s Message:

“Like the rising sun I have arrived in this world to give you energy and sustenance. The heat I emanate will burn away to ashes all your adversaries and enemies. Once you have come seeking for me, I shall lead you slowly closer and closer towards understanding my true nature! Sing my songs with complete devotion and faith. Each one of the songs I have given you will solve a particular problem. No more do you need to perform complicated rituals or visit a hundred temples seeking peace of mind. Pray for the welfare of others and I shall take care of you. Perform a homam in your house. Except, make sure my songs are the oblations! Doing this daily will elevate you to unimaginable heights. I love to hear my songs sung with fondness. I myself will come and sit on your lap and smooth all your worries and defeat all your enemies. Do not doubt this!”

My thoughts on the painting.

My intention was to draw the image of Bala as she is seen in her sacred abode, i.e. as a tiny figure hidden under the billowing folds of a circular skirt. However, it was Sri Bala’s choice that I should project her face, almost as if in close up, without displaying either the Peetam or her skirt.
I was asked to use orange color for the backdrop and looking back , I feel this was because of the imagery of both sun and heat that Sri Bala had planned to use!

Sri Bala Charanam.

There is a powerful symbolism attached to both the verse chosen as well as this picture. Surely, truth has to triumph in this world and everything that serves as an obstacle to establishing Dharma has to perish. Sri Bala’s seeming insistence on “destroying” or “vanquishing” enemies reiterates the importance of mental purity, good values as well as the removal or destruction of all bad traits within ourselves. Above all, the emphasis here is to strive for the upliftment and welfare of others!


February 20, 2009.

Third Image Of Sri Bala





Thinking of you will bring instant calmness
A fleeting glance of your face will instantly destroy all evil
Bringing unmeasured happiness that causes hearts to overflow with divine nectar-like grace
Obliterating all weakness and faults and
Blessing all with peace and tranquility.

Sri Bala’s message:

“I am your salvation and refuge. I am here to love you, support you and transform you into a better person. Instantly banish all your negative thoughts and evil intentions. Lead a life of high moral values, helping those around you to prosper. You will then realize that your worries and anxieties will fade into insignificance. Your mind will be still and calm as a pond without ripples. I am here to take care of all your enemies both within yourself in the form of negative traits as well as those around you who wish to harm you. Don’t ever despair or allow yourself to be frightened by any situation or person. I am here to extend complete and total protection for you and your entire family. My love shall so completely fill your heart that your mind will never be perturbed by anything, anymore!”

My thoughts on the painting:

In this painting, I was subconsciously trying to “copy” the face of Sri Bala’s image that has been drawn as a mural on the wall at the Nemili Peetam by an artist many decades ago. I understand this artist had modeled his image on a couple of young girls living, at that time, in this sacred house. My attempt can never come close to the beautiful face drawn by this artist . However, I do think that in this image, Sri Bala’s presence and power is very tangible. Also, I finished painting very rapidly, almost as if Sri Bala wanted me to “hurry” with it.

Sri Bala Charanam.

A mere glance at this glowing image should get rid of all your doubts, fears and anxieties. Banished are all your enemies ! No longer can bad habits make you a slave nor can those with cruel or evil intentions harm you. This drawing is almost like an armor or Kavacham.

FEBRUARY 19TH, 2009.

Second Image Of Sri Bala





She comes to grant all our wishes with boundless compassion
Fulfilling all our countless desires with endless enthusiasm
Inquiring “ what more do you need, ask me, I belong to you
You have no close relationships or bonds with anyone else except Me!”
So saying, does she endow us with infinite grace and wealth,
This rare and precious Goddess beyond compare!

Bala’s message:

“ I am looking at you with the love and compassion of a mother. I can sense your manifold requirements and deep rooted desires. You are my child and I will give you everything your heart desires! I shall give you more than you ask. I shall heap on you all your requirements and many more with a loving heart that only a mother can have. Remember, I am the only true bond you have in this life. Neither your biological parents or siblings can provide the support , and unconditional love that I can provide. When you come within my circle, my enchanted circle of grace, all other relations and family fade away into the background. My love shall come to occupy your heart so fully that you will never require anyone else!”

My thoughts on the painting:

This painting was also another depiction of Sri Bala I was not entirely satisfied with. Once again, her face did not possess the radiance of youth that I intended to project and seemed, somehow, a lot older. I decided to place this drawing in the discard pile as well.

Yet, if Sri Bala chose this as the second auspicious image, it was because she needed a representation to fit in with her pre selected message. This is a direct communication from a mother to her children. So, this second image is a boon-granting icon that will grant sincere devotees all they want in terms of both material as well as non material desires. The sentence where Bala categorically states she is the “only real bond” her children will have , represents the Vedantic concept of oneness with the Supreme conciousness or Brahman.

Sri Bala Charanam.

By looking at this image and meditating on the verse, miraculous changes are bound to take place in the hearts and lives of the viewers. Getting to know Bala and to love her dearly will automatically lead to a fulfillment of all desires!

February 18, 2009.

First Auspicious Image




She appears in this world to decree all good things should happen to those who are unblemished
She is extolled each day by many who live in this ever changing and turbulent world
She tramples upon evil people who possess wicked intentions and wound the innocent and pure souls
Like a bolt of lightening She’s born and comes into our sight.

The above verse was chosen by Sri Bala to accompany the first image .

Sri Bala’s message:

“I have come to be born in this world in order to help to all those good people who believe in me. Once these people have reached my feet and I have summoned them to visit me at my abode in Nemili, I will surely take care of their families. I am a small child who can laugh and play with boundless merriment and joy. I can also be stern towards those evil people who dare to harm my devotees, my children, who have sought refuge in me. Don’t be deceived by my appearance! I will reveal myself as both an endearing child as well as a stern judge! I can never tolerate hypocrites and people who make use of others , cheat others for personal gain , inflict pain on pure and innocent souls and most of all those who wound others by harsh words. Such people who are evil by nature and seek to cause harm for good people must and will perish!
Remember, that I am a child goddess who grants all your wishes even before you articulate your desires. Once you reach me your life’s purpose will be revealed. You will attain true peace of mind”.

My thoughts on this drawing:

I wasn’t entirely happy with this picture. I meant to depict Sri Bala as a beautiful , smiling child. I felt upon completion that her expression in this image was rather stern. In particular, the eyebrows are arched in a manner as if to say “ I am here to punish wrong doers”. Hence, I did not intend to put this picture on my website. Bala resisted my plan and instead of choosing some of my later ( and a bit more improved) pictures, chose this one of herself to be the first in this set of thirteen holy images.
The fact she had her own plan is proved by the fact she has chosen an appropriate verse in the Bala Andhadhi to accompany this depiction of her.
I had no idea when I did this drawing that it was meant to be seen in conjunction with a holy verse. Neither did I realize until the day I was to photograph this lot, which picture would head the list.
It is no mere coincidence that the first verse chosen by her matched this image, also pre -selected by her!

Sri Bala Charanam.

It is my sincere belief that devotees who view this image and read the accompanying verse will be soon rid of all those evil forces causing a lot of havoc in their lives!
Sri Bala Thunai.

February 17th, 2009.

The Thirteen Auspicious Images Of Sri Bala And Their Significance




Anything I write in this blog or any image I draw has the complete and absolute approval of Sri Bala. This is the truth and there is no need for me to justify this statement. Several incidents have taken place in my life that have proved over and over again that Sri Bala is merely using me as an “instrument” to both hear her “voice” as well as to carry out her instructions.

The article I wrote earlier titled “ The Thirteen miracles that occurred during the nine auspicious days of Navarathri” was clearly “dictated” and put together by Sri Bala. When I finished this piece, I thought my task was completed. However, a few days after I published this item, I was compelled to draw a simple ink sketch depicting Bala as “The Empress Of The Universe”. At the time, I did not really understand the significance of this drawing. In this image , I had initially intended to draw Bala seated on a swing. However, it was Sri Bala’s wish to be portrayed standing on a lotus. Without questioning this mental suggestion, I simply went ahead and finished this drawing and published it on my website as well.

Later, almost a month after it was completed, I wrote an email to one of Sri Bala devotees living in Chennai. I was prompted to do so by Sri Bala. I am including here a portion of that letter because this explains the very powerful significance of the image I drew.

Once again, my fingers flew over the keyboard tapping out a message to this devotee explaining ( in Sri Bala’s own words) the importance of this drawing called “ Bala The Empress Of the Universe”.

" I completed on that auspicious day ( Thursday, Dec 4th), an ink drawing of Sri Bala, again, at her command. I wanted to draw an image of Bala seated on a swing. However, Bala wanted me to draw her standing regally as " The Empress Of the Universe".

This image is a very powerful one. For the first time in my life, even after having drawn over 100 paintings, I felt there was actual "power" in my hands while executing this painting.

The result is what Bala wanted. No doubt about this at all. I actually wanted to draw a lotus at the feet. However, my pencil started moving in a rapid zig zag manner seeming to construct a protective grid type of enclosure around Bala.

If you ask me to draw something like this today, I'm sure I won't be able to!!

By merely gazing at this image, you will be instantly protected. The symbolism of this drawing is that all of us are linked up ( just like those inter connecting lines) as part of Bala's family. If you notice, there is no gap in that grid of lines. So, as long as we stay "connected", we shall have more power. However, if we, as members of Bala's family start to entertain likes and dislikes with various other members of the group, this amazing power potential is lost.

So, my prayer to Bala on the eve of another New Year is that all the families who have come within the orbit of Bala's grace should always be loving and more accepting of one another. We should not criticize or Judge another person. We should never "label" a person as either good or bad. We should not find fault with those around us because all those good bits as well as bad bits within these people belong to Bala alone.She is within us, inside us , as a huge power house generating the current of electricity that is flowing through that grid.

To tap this power, WE MUST STAY CONNECTED. "

It was only after I wrote this letter did the real significance of that painting dawn on me.

Almost immediately after I had finished that drawing of Bala, I was given the next task. Sri Baba.G called me from Sri Bala Peetam one night ( while I was still in New York) and told me there was an “uthiravu” or directive from Bala . I recall very clearly , it was past midnight when I received this phone call. Baba.G went on to say that I was to draw a set of illustrations for his recent treatise “ Sri Bala Mahatmyam”. I was totally stunned by this news. My mind raced ahead with many conflicting thoughts “What images could I draw to portray Sri Bala giving her commandments and Golden words of wisdom ?’. “I am not really a professional artist or caricature specialist. How could I draw Sri Bala in various poses; talking and advising her precious child Sri Baba.G? In fact, I didn’t think I could even begin to draw a portrait of Sri Baba.G.

All these negative and self deprecating thoughts revolved in my mind although I immediately accepted the task Bala had set for me. “ After all”, I reasoned to myself “ Bala will finish whatever job she wants me to accomplish in some manner. I should not really worry about this”.
So, I carried on with my usual prayers and Parayanams for Sri Bala thinking only about her and her glory every day.

After the Christmas break and New Year, I decided to start on this new project.

On January 4th, 2009, I started a series of portraits on Sri Bala. In the beginning, it seemed that Bala wanted me to draw 7 pictures in total, one of them being a depiction of the Guru, Sri Baba.G. I finished the first four pictures of Bala quite rapidly and then embarked on drawing the portrait of Baba.G.

This picture did not progress well at all. I struggled for many days trying to improve my efforts. Finally, I got a directive from Bala “ I want you to put this painting of Baba.G aside. Instead, I want you to draw me in various poses, just as I ask you to do them. You will get a clear message just as soon as finish one painting and start another. Each one of these paintings will have enormous significance. This too, I shall reveal later when you start writing about them.

Without questioning Sri Bala’s directive, I have gone on to complete thirteen portraits. In fact, just as She indicated, I got the idea of how exactly to draw her image just before I started each painting. I finished this whole series of drawings on Friday, February 13th, 2009.
I spread out all the paintings on a table and looked at them critically. Yes, I could notice there were several flaws with a few portraits. “ Perhaps”, I thought to myself “ I should just keep the ones that have turned out well and ignore the rest”. Here too, I was mistaken.

An almost angry voice chided me “ Who do you think you are to select some paintings for publishing. This whole project is for ME. I intend to pass on my blessings to a few of my ardent devotees who don’t live in India. I want these people to get ‘instant” cures for all their problems by just looking at my paintings. Each one of them will cure a particular ailment, anxiety or worry. I will tell you this as you write up a small paragraph explaining the significance of each picture”.

I listened to Sri Bala quite calmly. I was absolutely convinced that She was using me to achieve some goal in her own world.

One morning, a few days later, just as I was sipping tea and mentally reciting Sri Bala Kavacham, I heard Her voice very clearly “ Flip your parayanam book to the page where Bala Andhadhi is written”. I did as asked. The Andhadhi is a collection of 100 verses written by Sri Baba.G nearly two decades ago. It is a very powerful piece of work and reciting this daily is a great palliative for most problems. Bala’s voice sounded really strong once more . In a flash she made me tick off a few verses at random. ‘ Now, you can match these verses with each one of your paintings” She said. “ I will tell you the order in which your paintings should be displayed on your website”.

That was it!

I prepared to photograph these thirteen images on Sunday, February 15th. As I stood hesitantly not knowing which picture to pick out first, Bala came into my thoughts. She has painstakingly numbered these paintings, selected the important verses to accompany each painting and will surely dictate their significance too.

I have been asked to write up about the significance of one painting every day. Also, I have to recite “Bala Andhadhi” before starting my work and listen to one song daily from the album “ Bala and Ashta Lakshmis”.

While writing the “Thirteen Miracles of Bala—“ I was, at various places in my narrative completely amazed by what was going on. In fact, I thought I was mad to hear these voices in my head.

In sharp contrast, in this current work called “ Thirteen images of Sri Bala and their significance”, I am completely and utterly convinced that this is all Sri Bala’s work. There is an important message for all those who read this work and see these pictures.
I am sure you will realize this yourself!



February 16th, 2009.