Sunday, March 1, 2009

Eighth Image Of Sri Bala




I think of you constantly while treading on this life-path
If your memory should by chance recede
Then, even sweet , sugar syrup will taste bitter
And milk turn into poison
My heart, burdened with sorrow shall burn with anguish
Desirous of catching a glimpse of your lovely face
And my restless mind
On mighty ocean waves will be tossed!

Bala’s Message:

“If you are destined to visit my Peetam even just once, I will surely bless you with abundant prosperity and good health for the rest of your life. I shall be a steadfast and constant companion as you tread on this journey called life. However, after you achieve all your desires, if you happen to forget Me, or stop coming to my Peetam, I will still be there at your side, but you will definitely feel the pangs of separation since you will never be able to see me as clearly as you did before. When I am constantly in your thoughts, I am also there in your heart. I talk to you every day, give you advice and guide you in your actions. Yet, when you forget me, no longer can you “hear” my voice, even though I am still talking to you. Instead, your mind will get agitated easily and all your negative traits will rush out to control your actions, now that I am no longer giving them orders!”

My thoughts on the painting:

There are two images of Sri Bala seated on a swing in this set of 13 auspicious images and this is one of them. Actually, I wasn’t very happy with the way this illustration turned out and drew the second image in order to replace it.

However, as per the instructions given by Bala herself, I have included this drawing in the set, since Bala has chosen a verse in the Andhadhi to accompany it.

Just as the swing moves gently to and fro, coming nearer towards you and then, instantly receding backwards, so too are our thoughts regarding Bala!
She is telling me this right now as I am typing up the explanation.

I was going to put in the phrase “ just as the swing represents by its gentle, swaying motion, the ups and downs of life”.

But, Bala stopped me in my thoughts.

“I want you to write that the swing and its movement represents ME coming nearer and closer to you and then immediately going away from you as well”.
But why? I wondered. “Why should you keep up this illusion of being with a devotee and then vanish for a second; and then come back once more?” How long will you do this?

I don’t know what made me ask this question.
The answer from Bala:

My devotees are of two varieties. One lot think of me constantly and are totally devoted. In their hearts, I am solidly present and they know it too! However, the second set of people are a vacillating lot. I come close to them and grant their desires and then recede. I come again, closer to them, the next time they place a request at my feet. I will always satisfy my devotees’ desires, so both sets of people need not worry. However, “I” will only permanently reside in the heart of that person who constantly is engrossed in my thought and talks to me from his heart “believing” fully that I am living there. I will be a constant, life-companion to those devotees who fall into this group”.

Sri Bala Charanam.

These are true words and Bala, that delightful child-Goddess will become united with you when you reach this state of non-duality!

February 24, 2009.

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