Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sri Bala Image Eleven




Oh beauteous one who comes riding on a chariot
To bless us with salvation before the very blood dries up in our veins!
By paying obeisance to you, our fortune and fame increases and grows!
Oh mother, singing your praises makes our hearts as pure as clear water
This is the truth
Not more wealth or comforts do we desire
Only, good thoughts and intentions!

Sri Bala’s Message

“At the very end of your life, I shall come to grant you eternal salvation and carry you to my own world. You shall ride with me in my golden chariot and forever be happy in my child’s world inhabited by innocent and pure souls! Fortune and Fame I shall grant you these while on earth. Yet, the trappings of wealth can never bring you that lasting peace or happiness which you shall encounter alongside Me. Think good thoughts, perform good actions and serve the needs of those less fortunate with kindness and compassion. These actions are very dear to me and you shall always remain at my side”.

My thoughts on the painting:

This image is not one of my best efforts to depict Bala and I had originally meant to discard it. However, following Sri Bala’s instructions I have retained this picture and have presented it here with , what I consider to be a “mismatched” verse from Sri Bala Andhadhi. Bala is described in this verse as a “Rathi” ( beautiful lady), who rides on a “Ratham”( chariot), to reach her devotees before the “Rattham” (blood) dries up in their bodies. In tamil, the verse reads:

Rattham sundum mun, Ratham eri varum Rathi--- ( before blood dries up, beautiful (lady, who)comes riding (on) a chariot.

Here is a clear indication from Sri Bala that complete surrender at her feet will surely lead to clarity and purity of mind in the hearts of her devotees, who , at the end of their lives will be carefully guided by this beautiful lady into the next world; the magical child’s world of Sri Bala.

In a very typical manner, Bala has once again chosen what I considered to be my worst effort and given it a high status by teaming it up with one of the most powerful and significant verses in the Andhadhi.

Sri Bala Charanam.

A mere glance at this image hand-picked by Sri Bala will instantly lift the veil of ignorance and provide clarity of mind.

February 27, 2009.

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