Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sri Bala, Image Twelve



In contrast to all the other images which have been teamed up with a verse from the Andhadhi, I have been instructed to translate and present the prayer to Sri Chakra written by Sri Baba.G, to accompany this twelfth image. The Sri Chakra is a precious symbol of unity between the individual and the Cosmos, often visualized as the unity between Shiva and his Shakthi, or latent power, Maya.

Although, I have drawn this sacred diagram several times, I found this time that merely listening to Sri Bala’s songs was not sufficient in order to project this image on paper. I was having difficulty constructing the complicated arrangement of the 43 interlocking triangles. I paused for a moment and meditating intently on the holy mother, Sri Raja Rajeshwari, recited the very powerful verses of both Lalitha Sahasranamam and Khadgamala Stotram. Within a few minutes, the diagram was finished.

In what follows I shall give a translation of Sri Bala’s Sri Chakra hymn. It should be noted that each line of this Tamil song ends with the word “karam”, which refers to “hand”.
In the final line of the prayer the lines read:
“Which hand (karam) grants everything?”
Why, that is none other than the Sri Chakkaram!

The final word “Chakkaram” ( Sri Chakra) rhymes with the often used word “karam”, in this prayer.

Many wishes, without questions does one hand bestow
Much prosperity does it furnish, this hand
In one second it does protect you, this one hand
Many diseases and illnesses does it remove, this one hand

Whatever may be your heart’s desire, it confers, this hand
Complete peace of mind does it give, this one hand,
As your total support does it arrive, this hand
Dissolving all heart aches, this one hand!

Bestowing intelligence this one hand
Prevents much destruction, this very hand
Revealing love this one hand
Feeds you good moral values, this hand!

Extolled and praised by everyone
Awarding everything to all
That hand--- Which is that Hand?
Why that (Karam) is nothing but
Sri Bala (Sri) Chakram!

Sri Bala’s Message:

“ My Sri Chakra is of enormous significance to my devotees. This can be obtained only at My Peetam and is like a protective amulet for you. The power of this Sri Chakra cannot be easily revealed. However, it will provide everything positive and auspicious for those who sincerely believe in me! Keep it near you or with you at all times. No harm can befall you, no illness can attack you and never will evil intentions or bad thoughts take hold of you. In this Sri Chakra, my mother and I are both united happily and together, we shall take care of you !”.

Sri Bala Charanam.

It was Sri Bala’s instruction that I should portray her in thirteen images. In this diagrammatic representation too, Sri Bala is present, inside the inner most central point or Bindu, where she is in union with Sri Lalitha Parameshwari!.
Meditation on this image is guaranteed to bestow all prosperity on faithful devotees.

February 28, 2009.

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