Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fourth Image Of Sri Bala





Oh beautiful lady who speaks the truth
Your face will surely destroy all foes
There’s no need to conduct complex rituals or get mentally disturbed
Our bodies are like sacrificial pits and when we pour into it daily
Bala’s songs as oblations with devotion unsullied
Certainly salvation can be attained!

Bala’s Message:

“Like the rising sun I have arrived in this world to give you energy and sustenance. The heat I emanate will burn away to ashes all your adversaries and enemies. Once you have come seeking for me, I shall lead you slowly closer and closer towards understanding my true nature! Sing my songs with complete devotion and faith. Each one of the songs I have given you will solve a particular problem. No more do you need to perform complicated rituals or visit a hundred temples seeking peace of mind. Pray for the welfare of others and I shall take care of you. Perform a homam in your house. Except, make sure my songs are the oblations! Doing this daily will elevate you to unimaginable heights. I love to hear my songs sung with fondness. I myself will come and sit on your lap and smooth all your worries and defeat all your enemies. Do not doubt this!”

My thoughts on the painting.

My intention was to draw the image of Bala as she is seen in her sacred abode, i.e. as a tiny figure hidden under the billowing folds of a circular skirt. However, it was Sri Bala’s choice that I should project her face, almost as if in close up, without displaying either the Peetam or her skirt.
I was asked to use orange color for the backdrop and looking back , I feel this was because of the imagery of both sun and heat that Sri Bala had planned to use!

Sri Bala Charanam.

There is a powerful symbolism attached to both the verse chosen as well as this picture. Surely, truth has to triumph in this world and everything that serves as an obstacle to establishing Dharma has to perish. Sri Bala’s seeming insistence on “destroying” or “vanquishing” enemies reiterates the importance of mental purity, good values as well as the removal or destruction of all bad traits within ourselves. Above all, the emphasis here is to strive for the upliftment and welfare of others!


February 20, 2009.


Vijay H Patel said...

Blissful smile. Maa..........

Vijay H Patel said...

Blissful smile. Maa..........