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The Thirteen Auspicious Images Of Sri Bala And Their Significance




Anything I write in this blog or any image I draw has the complete and absolute approval of Sri Bala. This is the truth and there is no need for me to justify this statement. Several incidents have taken place in my life that have proved over and over again that Sri Bala is merely using me as an “instrument” to both hear her “voice” as well as to carry out her instructions.

The article I wrote earlier titled “ The Thirteen miracles that occurred during the nine auspicious days of Navarathri” was clearly “dictated” and put together by Sri Bala. When I finished this piece, I thought my task was completed. However, a few days after I published this item, I was compelled to draw a simple ink sketch depicting Bala as “The Empress Of The Universe”. At the time, I did not really understand the significance of this drawing. In this image , I had initially intended to draw Bala seated on a swing. However, it was Sri Bala’s wish to be portrayed standing on a lotus. Without questioning this mental suggestion, I simply went ahead and finished this drawing and published it on my website as well.

Later, almost a month after it was completed, I wrote an email to one of Sri Bala devotees living in Chennai. I was prompted to do so by Sri Bala. I am including here a portion of that letter because this explains the very powerful significance of the image I drew.

Once again, my fingers flew over the keyboard tapping out a message to this devotee explaining ( in Sri Bala’s own words) the importance of this drawing called “ Bala The Empress Of the Universe”.

" I completed on that auspicious day ( Thursday, Dec 4th), an ink drawing of Sri Bala, again, at her command. I wanted to draw an image of Bala seated on a swing. However, Bala wanted me to draw her standing regally as " The Empress Of the Universe".

This image is a very powerful one. For the first time in my life, even after having drawn over 100 paintings, I felt there was actual "power" in my hands while executing this painting.

The result is what Bala wanted. No doubt about this at all. I actually wanted to draw a lotus at the feet. However, my pencil started moving in a rapid zig zag manner seeming to construct a protective grid type of enclosure around Bala.

If you ask me to draw something like this today, I'm sure I won't be able to!!

By merely gazing at this image, you will be instantly protected. The symbolism of this drawing is that all of us are linked up ( just like those inter connecting lines) as part of Bala's family. If you notice, there is no gap in that grid of lines. So, as long as we stay "connected", we shall have more power. However, if we, as members of Bala's family start to entertain likes and dislikes with various other members of the group, this amazing power potential is lost.

So, my prayer to Bala on the eve of another New Year is that all the families who have come within the orbit of Bala's grace should always be loving and more accepting of one another. We should not criticize or Judge another person. We should never "label" a person as either good or bad. We should not find fault with those around us because all those good bits as well as bad bits within these people belong to Bala alone.She is within us, inside us , as a huge power house generating the current of electricity that is flowing through that grid.

To tap this power, WE MUST STAY CONNECTED. "

It was only after I wrote this letter did the real significance of that painting dawn on me.

Almost immediately after I had finished that drawing of Bala, I was given the next task. Sri Baba.G called me from Sri Bala Peetam one night ( while I was still in New York) and told me there was an “uthiravu” or directive from Bala . I recall very clearly , it was past midnight when I received this phone call. Baba.G went on to say that I was to draw a set of illustrations for his recent treatise “ Sri Bala Mahatmyam”. I was totally stunned by this news. My mind raced ahead with many conflicting thoughts “What images could I draw to portray Sri Bala giving her commandments and Golden words of wisdom ?’. “I am not really a professional artist or caricature specialist. How could I draw Sri Bala in various poses; talking and advising her precious child Sri Baba.G? In fact, I didn’t think I could even begin to draw a portrait of Sri Baba.G.

All these negative and self deprecating thoughts revolved in my mind although I immediately accepted the task Bala had set for me. “ After all”, I reasoned to myself “ Bala will finish whatever job she wants me to accomplish in some manner. I should not really worry about this”.
So, I carried on with my usual prayers and Parayanams for Sri Bala thinking only about her and her glory every day.

After the Christmas break and New Year, I decided to start on this new project.

On January 4th, 2009, I started a series of portraits on Sri Bala. In the beginning, it seemed that Bala wanted me to draw 7 pictures in total, one of them being a depiction of the Guru, Sri Baba.G. I finished the first four pictures of Bala quite rapidly and then embarked on drawing the portrait of Baba.G.

This picture did not progress well at all. I struggled for many days trying to improve my efforts. Finally, I got a directive from Bala “ I want you to put this painting of Baba.G aside. Instead, I want you to draw me in various poses, just as I ask you to do them. You will get a clear message just as soon as finish one painting and start another. Each one of these paintings will have enormous significance. This too, I shall reveal later when you start writing about them.

Without questioning Sri Bala’s directive, I have gone on to complete thirteen portraits. In fact, just as She indicated, I got the idea of how exactly to draw her image just before I started each painting. I finished this whole series of drawings on Friday, February 13th, 2009.
I spread out all the paintings on a table and looked at them critically. Yes, I could notice there were several flaws with a few portraits. “ Perhaps”, I thought to myself “ I should just keep the ones that have turned out well and ignore the rest”. Here too, I was mistaken.

An almost angry voice chided me “ Who do you think you are to select some paintings for publishing. This whole project is for ME. I intend to pass on my blessings to a few of my ardent devotees who don’t live in India. I want these people to get ‘instant” cures for all their problems by just looking at my paintings. Each one of them will cure a particular ailment, anxiety or worry. I will tell you this as you write up a small paragraph explaining the significance of each picture”.

I listened to Sri Bala quite calmly. I was absolutely convinced that She was using me to achieve some goal in her own world.

One morning, a few days later, just as I was sipping tea and mentally reciting Sri Bala Kavacham, I heard Her voice very clearly “ Flip your parayanam book to the page where Bala Andhadhi is written”. I did as asked. The Andhadhi is a collection of 100 verses written by Sri Baba.G nearly two decades ago. It is a very powerful piece of work and reciting this daily is a great palliative for most problems. Bala’s voice sounded really strong once more . In a flash she made me tick off a few verses at random. ‘ Now, you can match these verses with each one of your paintings” She said. “ I will tell you the order in which your paintings should be displayed on your website”.

That was it!

I prepared to photograph these thirteen images on Sunday, February 15th. As I stood hesitantly not knowing which picture to pick out first, Bala came into my thoughts. She has painstakingly numbered these paintings, selected the important verses to accompany each painting and will surely dictate their significance too.

I have been asked to write up about the significance of one painting every day. Also, I have to recite “Bala Andhadhi” before starting my work and listen to one song daily from the album “ Bala and Ashta Lakshmis”.

While writing the “Thirteen Miracles of Bala—“ I was, at various places in my narrative completely amazed by what was going on. In fact, I thought I was mad to hear these voices in my head.

In sharp contrast, in this current work called “ Thirteen images of Sri Bala and their significance”, I am completely and utterly convinced that this is all Sri Bala’s work. There is an important message for all those who read this work and see these pictures.
I am sure you will realize this yourself!



February 16th, 2009.

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