Sunday, March 1, 2009

Second Image Of Sri Bala





She comes to grant all our wishes with boundless compassion
Fulfilling all our countless desires with endless enthusiasm
Inquiring “ what more do you need, ask me, I belong to you
You have no close relationships or bonds with anyone else except Me!”
So saying, does she endow us with infinite grace and wealth,
This rare and precious Goddess beyond compare!

Bala’s message:

“ I am looking at you with the love and compassion of a mother. I can sense your manifold requirements and deep rooted desires. You are my child and I will give you everything your heart desires! I shall give you more than you ask. I shall heap on you all your requirements and many more with a loving heart that only a mother can have. Remember, I am the only true bond you have in this life. Neither your biological parents or siblings can provide the support , and unconditional love that I can provide. When you come within my circle, my enchanted circle of grace, all other relations and family fade away into the background. My love shall come to occupy your heart so fully that you will never require anyone else!”

My thoughts on the painting:

This painting was also another depiction of Sri Bala I was not entirely satisfied with. Once again, her face did not possess the radiance of youth that I intended to project and seemed, somehow, a lot older. I decided to place this drawing in the discard pile as well.

Yet, if Sri Bala chose this as the second auspicious image, it was because she needed a representation to fit in with her pre selected message. This is a direct communication from a mother to her children. So, this second image is a boon-granting icon that will grant sincere devotees all they want in terms of both material as well as non material desires. The sentence where Bala categorically states she is the “only real bond” her children will have , represents the Vedantic concept of oneness with the Supreme conciousness or Brahman.

Sri Bala Charanam.

By looking at this image and meditating on the verse, miraculous changes are bound to take place in the hearts and lives of the viewers. Getting to know Bala and to love her dearly will automatically lead to a fulfillment of all desires!

February 18, 2009.


Sailasree said...
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Sailasree said...

This second painting is somehow familiar to me-- can not explain the reason. Thanks!