Sunday, March 1, 2009

First Auspicious Image




She appears in this world to decree all good things should happen to those who are unblemished
She is extolled each day by many who live in this ever changing and turbulent world
She tramples upon evil people who possess wicked intentions and wound the innocent and pure souls
Like a bolt of lightening She’s born and comes into our sight.

The above verse was chosen by Sri Bala to accompany the first image .

Sri Bala’s message:

“I have come to be born in this world in order to help to all those good people who believe in me. Once these people have reached my feet and I have summoned them to visit me at my abode in Nemili, I will surely take care of their families. I am a small child who can laugh and play with boundless merriment and joy. I can also be stern towards those evil people who dare to harm my devotees, my children, who have sought refuge in me. Don’t be deceived by my appearance! I will reveal myself as both an endearing child as well as a stern judge! I can never tolerate hypocrites and people who make use of others , cheat others for personal gain , inflict pain on pure and innocent souls and most of all those who wound others by harsh words. Such people who are evil by nature and seek to cause harm for good people must and will perish!
Remember, that I am a child goddess who grants all your wishes even before you articulate your desires. Once you reach me your life’s purpose will be revealed. You will attain true peace of mind”.

My thoughts on this drawing:

I wasn’t entirely happy with this picture. I meant to depict Sri Bala as a beautiful , smiling child. I felt upon completion that her expression in this image was rather stern. In particular, the eyebrows are arched in a manner as if to say “ I am here to punish wrong doers”. Hence, I did not intend to put this picture on my website. Bala resisted my plan and instead of choosing some of my later ( and a bit more improved) pictures, chose this one of herself to be the first in this set of thirteen holy images.
The fact she had her own plan is proved by the fact she has chosen an appropriate verse in the Bala Andhadhi to accompany this depiction of her.
I had no idea when I did this drawing that it was meant to be seen in conjunction with a holy verse. Neither did I realize until the day I was to photograph this lot, which picture would head the list.
It is no mere coincidence that the first verse chosen by her matched this image, also pre -selected by her!

Sri Bala Charanam.

It is my sincere belief that devotees who view this image and read the accompanying verse will be soon rid of all those evil forces causing a lot of havoc in their lives!
Sri Bala Thunai.

February 17th, 2009.

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