Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sri Bala Image Thirteen





Although very young, the mere smile she emanates agitates this entire world
Oh dear one, staying forever a nine year old child
You speak the truth of the Vedas
You are foremost among all Gods in destroying sorrows
Oh surprising and Sanctified girl!
You are the first to reach our side to give protection
And final liberation too!

Sri Bala’s Message:

“ I shall grant all riches and affluence to my sincere devotees. Those who look upon my image as a consolidation of all the eight Goddesses of wealth ( Ashta Lakshmis) , will never want for anything in Life. I shall grant you good education, mental and physical well being, a fine education and a job. With my blessings you shall find a good life partner, start a family and acquire all the ingredients that will make your family life happy, prosperous and peaceful. My grace shall extend to your progeny as well , for generations to come. However, if you forget me after having obtained all your desires, then I shall have no hesitation in separating you from myself. I will place you in a world so far removed, that in all the future births you might take, I will never even enter your thoughts!”.

My thoughts on the painting:

This painting was finished on February 12th, 2009. I executed it as a tribute to Sri Ezhilmani on his 71st birthday. The entire time I was involved in completing this drawing, my thoughts hovered around this family who were celebrating the function in a hall in Kancheepuram. I wanted to portray Bala wearing a blue dress. However, it was her express instruction to use pink! The two, decorated gold elephants near the base of the Peetam were placed in also, at her request.
As I was reading the Andhadhi verse that accompanies this image, Sri Bala came into my thoughts and said “ In this picture, I’m called Aishwarya Bala because I represent the combined power of all the Goddesses of Wealth!”.

I sent photos of all these 13 images via e-mail to Sri Bala peetam since I wanted Sri Ezhilmani to bless them before I published the same on my website. It came as no surprise that this final image was the one he liked “best”.

Sri Bala Charanam.

This final picture, shall bless everyone with all treasures, both material and spiritual and completely bring to a close all the negative consequences of “prarabdha karmas” and “vasanas”. Prarabdha refers to those actions we might have committed in past lives whose results have fructified in this, current lifetime. The impact of these actions could be either good or bad . Vasanas indicate deeply ingrained personality traits that we have not been able to shake off in many births. These combine to result in inexpicable joy or sorrow in our current lives. By completely surrendering at Sri Bala’s feet, all negative traits will slowly disappear and even the cruel tricks of destiny can be outwitted if one can achieve Sri Bala as a Life- Companion!

Sri Bala Charanam

March 1, 2009.

A Final Note:
Dear Sri Bala,
With Your BOUNDLESS Grace and Mercy, I have successfully published these writings at just about 4 p.m. on MARCH 1ST, 2009.


Itz me!!! said...

hi Uma,
Mere words cannot explain how good the pictures are!!!!!

Thirumalaiselvi Nambivel said...


Lovely pic :-) Thanks for sharing.

Sesirekha said...

hi uma
Excellent pictures and i felt so happy and joy and elevated. keep posting more and more pictures.

Anu said...

This is the best picture of all. Very divine. Thank you.