Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tenth Image Of Sri Bala





Adorned beautifully, She smiles prettily
Her mere glance instantly setting ablaze all wicked people
And destroying those who cast derision
At her sheer touch, sour- tasting salt turns sweet
And the very mention of her sacred name
Makes destiny recoil and lose its power
As it cringes and hides out of fear
Seeking to grasp Her hallowed feet.

Sri Bala’s Message:

“You can achieve nothing without my grace. I have created this entire universe and control all your thoughts and actions as well. You see me seated as a tiny figure on this gigantic chariot. The four wheels of this chariot stand for Truth, Love, Faith and Effort. Armed with these four traits, you can win over unrighteousness and wickedness. Even the immutable laws of destiny that have been pre selected for you will necessarily alter its course once you have placed complete faith in me. Once you have become dear to me, my very glance shall protect you at all times from the intentions and actions of vindictive people. Take refuge at my feet and fear not what your future holds in store for you!”.

My thoughts on the painting:

It was Sri Bala’s wish that I should draw her as a tiny figure, seated on this huge, decorated chariot. As I was embellishing the chariot, the thought occurred to me that when this drawing was finished, Bala’s face would be hardly visible. Contrary to my expectations, Bala’s small, moon-like face radiates with a rare clarity in this painting.
Another small thought perturbed me. The Andhadhi verse chosen by Bala to accompany this drawing has no mention of her riding on a chariot. Yet, the verse chosen for the very next one, image eleven ( verse no: 84) , is full of chariot imagery!

I asked myself many times why Bala had not chosen verse no:84, instead to accompany this particular drawing. I did not get any answer and then remembered her express directive “Do not question me when I tell you to perform certain actions”. So, I have not deviated either from the order or precise numberings given to the presentation of both these pictures/images or matching each of them with Bala’s pre-selected verses .

Sri Bala Charanam.
Do not underestimate the power of this image. Sri Bala is here here to destroy all those evil intentions and obstacles standing in the path towards self- realization.

February 26, 2009.

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