Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fifth Image Of Sri Bala





Remain steadfast in her memory every single day
Consuming like food, her glorious name without tiring
Bring peace and calm into your restless mind
Chanting her kavacham, a medicine most potent
Then forget all your problems,
Like offering a grand feast surrender your very self to her
And hasten to watch with amazement all her awe inspiring miracles!

Bala’s message:

“ Whoever thinks of me constantly and attributes all his actions and their results as a consequence of my grace is indeed very dear to me. The devotee who goes through each day contemplating on me every moment, he who says my name with each breath he takes, he who casts aside all the derisions and mocking of people around him and stays forever loving me and wishing to serve me, this person has all my grace and more. The devotee who reads my kavacham every day will be instantly protected and cured from all his suffering and anguish. For the simple, pure hearted souls who are totally immersed in my thought, I shall cause miracles to happen in their lives!”

My thoughts on the painting.

I felt that Sri Bala had to appear most regal in this drawing. Indeed, like a huge ray of sunshine, she emerges in this image to obliterate all our worries and to protect her very dear devotees.I got the strong mental suggestion to draw her in a green skirt. Both her eyes and hands have enormous power in this particular image. Surrendering at her tiny, holy feet will surely bring everyone mental clarity and peace of mind.

Sri Bala Charanam.

Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts or face a situation that seems hopeless, we get weaker in mind and spirit. Depression sets in. By looking at this image and reading Sri Bala Kavacham ( written by Kavignar Sri Nemili Ezhilmani), all problems will vanish; answers will be found; and miraculous events will happen to put you on the path of total devotion to Sri Bala.

February 21, 2009.

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