Sunday, March 1, 2009

Third Image Of Sri Bala





Thinking of you will bring instant calmness
A fleeting glance of your face will instantly destroy all evil
Bringing unmeasured happiness that causes hearts to overflow with divine nectar-like grace
Obliterating all weakness and faults and
Blessing all with peace and tranquility.

Sri Bala’s message:

“I am your salvation and refuge. I am here to love you, support you and transform you into a better person. Instantly banish all your negative thoughts and evil intentions. Lead a life of high moral values, helping those around you to prosper. You will then realize that your worries and anxieties will fade into insignificance. Your mind will be still and calm as a pond without ripples. I am here to take care of all your enemies both within yourself in the form of negative traits as well as those around you who wish to harm you. Don’t ever despair or allow yourself to be frightened by any situation or person. I am here to extend complete and total protection for you and your entire family. My love shall so completely fill your heart that your mind will never be perturbed by anything, anymore!”

My thoughts on the painting:

In this painting, I was subconsciously trying to “copy” the face of Sri Bala’s image that has been drawn as a mural on the wall at the Nemili Peetam by an artist many decades ago. I understand this artist had modeled his image on a couple of young girls living, at that time, in this sacred house. My attempt can never come close to the beautiful face drawn by this artist . However, I do think that in this image, Sri Bala’s presence and power is very tangible. Also, I finished painting very rapidly, almost as if Sri Bala wanted me to “hurry” with it.

Sri Bala Charanam.

A mere glance at this glowing image should get rid of all your doubts, fears and anxieties. Banished are all your enemies ! No longer can bad habits make you a slave nor can those with cruel or evil intentions harm you. This drawing is almost like an armor or Kavacham.

FEBRUARY 19TH, 2009.


Anu said...

I love this painting. Amma looks so very real. You are truly gifted.

Amma Charanam.

showdowns said...

That is one piece of awesome art.Sri Bala Came To your Body an mind and drew that painting.

|| Amma Charanam||