Sunday, March 1, 2009

Seventh Image Of Sri Bala




Travel in all eight cardinal directions, fearlessly
Attaining victory in all pursuits
Defeat all evil tendencies with the support of this Child so pure
Declare with conviction “Bala is the deity supreme in this Kali Yuga”
“ We surrender completely at her feet, at all times”
Proclaim this message to everyone!

Bala’s Message:

“To obtain a successful resolution in any situation you have to put in both hard work and effort. However, don’t think that your intelligence or ability alone achieves the result. You need my divine support for success in every task you undertake in life. Don’t show off to me your talent and skill. I know you and the amount of intelligence you possess. Show me instead your love and you will see your life beginning to prosper. Submit your love and dedication at my feet. Then travel wherever life takes you. Study hard, work with diligence and you can carve out a life where I will be with you at every step, like a shadow, supporting you, protecting you , advising you and above all holding you when you take a fall. Many are the battles you will face in life. When you come into my circle of grace, all these can be won without any effort on your part”.

My thoughts on the painting:

This drawing is the customary depiction of Sri Bala seated on a lotus with four hands , holding a book and sacred beads in two of her hands; the boon- giving and fear- dispelling gestures in the other two hands, respectively. It was Sri Bala’s desire to be portrayed in this style because she appears to her devotees here as the supreme Child Goddess who is taking complete charge of their lives. Both the advancement in material pursuits as well as spiritual pursuits are symbolized by this icon.

Sri Bala Charanam.

With Bala herself guiding you from within your heart, you can certainly emerge victorious in every situation!

February 23rd, 2009

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