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English Translation of Sri Baba.G's "Kann Dhrishti Kavacham" and "Noi Neekum Pathigam"

Sri Bala Charanam.

Sri Bala Kann Dhrishti Kavacham.

English Translation of Sri Baba.G’s “ KANN DHRISHTI KAVACHAM”
Sri Bala’s “ Protective armour to ward off malefic effects of evil eyes”.

KaRpaga kaLirE aRpudha chudarE
Anbudan nee ingu vara vENdum
kaNN dhrishti neekum bala kavachathai
kanivudan neeyum thara vENdum!

Hymn to Lord Ganesh.
Oh elephant Lord who grants all wishes
Oh glowing spark of Divinity
filled with love, please come here
To grant and bless us tenderly
With this song, Sri Bala’s armour
Protecting all from calamity.

Jagam adhu pughazhum agamadhu magizhum
Bala undan thiru vadivam!
JanmangaL thORum thuNai vandhu sErum
Bala undan chiru vadivam!
Jeyippathu enRaal unthuNai vENdum
Bala nee than aRuL vadivam!
Jaya Jaya Bala Thiri pura Sundari
Un pEr solla iRuL vidiyum!

Protective Armour.

Praised by this whole world
Creating happiness in all hearts
Is your divine , lovely form!
In many births
It arrives to give support,
Oh Bala, your tiny, little form!
To achieve victory we need your help
Oh Bala, you are the blessed form!
Victorious, Victorious, Sri Bala
Beautiful ruler of three worlds
Uttering your holy name
Dispels darkness and brings forth new dawn!

ThirumaNam mudikkum thiri pura Sundari
Enbathu undan oRu vadivam!
Thirumaga vaLikkum thiti pura sundari
Enbathu undan oRu vadivam!
Thiru manai aLikkum thiripurasundari
Enbathu undan oRu vadivam!
Jaya Jaya Bala Thiri pura Sundari
Dhrishtiyai neekidum thiru vadivam!

As divine ruler of all three worlds
Finalizing marriages is but one of your blessed forms
As the beauteous ruler of all three worlds
Granting progeny is yet another form
Bestowing happy conjugal life
Is again , another form,
Oh divine damsel, ruler of three worlds,
Victorious, Victorious, Sri Bala
Your sanctified image
Destroys all evil forces!

PadippO PaNamO thozhilO edhvO
Konjam vandaalum pOthum amma
Paazhai pOna theeyOr paarvai
vandE emai dinam mOdhudamma!
Paavangal theera kaayangal maaRa
Aasaiyil manam ingu Enguthamma!
Jaya Jaya Bala thiri pura Sundari
Dhrishtiyai neeyum neekidamma!

Just a little success is enough
If it comes our way in education, wealth or employment!
Oh dear mother,
wicked glances cast by evil people
dash against us relentlessly, every day!
For all our sins to be destroyed
And old wounds to get healed
Our hearts yearn with such longing
Victorious, Victorious, Sri Bala
Beautiful Goddess, ruler of three worlds
Please remove all harmful forces
From our lives!

NaaLLum un pugazh kooRum nallOr
Paarvai emmeedhu vizha vEndum
Nalinthavar yaavarum un peyar chollida
Nalamudan udanE ezha vENdum!
Nanjinai pOnRa nenjinai koNda
theeyOr dinam dinam vizha vENdum!
Jaya Jaya Bala Thiri pura sundari
Unnai naaLum thozha vENdum!

May good glances cast by worthy people
Constantly uttering your name
Fall on me!
May those who are feeble,
Stand up with good health,
Instantly they cry out your name!
Let those who are vengeful
Harboring venom in their hearts
Fall and perish with each passing day
Victorious, Victorious, Sri Bala,
Lovely ruler of three worlds
May we worship you every single day!

Theeyavar paarvai ellaa disaiyilum
Dinam dinam vandu eccharikkum!
theemaigaL maaRa engaL manam adhu
undan peyarai uccharikkum!
Theeyena maaRum Bala undan
Paarvai pagaivarai chutterikkum!
Jaya jaya bala thiripura sundari
Thithikkum un pugazh ethikkum!

Vicious looks cast by the wicked
From all directions
Come to forewarn us each day!
For evil forces to get transformed
Our hearts pronounce your name
Every single day!
Oh Bala, your very glance, like fire,
Can burn all wicked foes completely
Victorious, Victorious, Sri Bala,
Holy ruler of all three worlds
Your praises , like sweet nectar
Spread in all directions.

Baala bhaktharai paadai paduthum
Edhuvum ingE nilaikkaadhu!
Bala undan peyar chollaavidil
Edhuvum ingE chezhikkaadhu!
Bala peyarai moochaai suvaasikka
Edhuvum nammai nerungaathu
Jaya Jaya Bala Thiri pura sundari
Unai pOl deivam vErEdhu!

Bala, you test your devotees so,
Nothing can be real or lasting here.
Oh Bala, without mentioning your holy name
Nothing can flourish or prosper here!
When Bala’s name is inhaled
Like very breath itself
No harm can ever approach us!
Victorious, Victorious, Sri Bala,
Divine and lovely ruler of three worlds
Can any other God be like You!

Neruppaai eriyum veRuppavar paarvai
Nammai edhuvum cheyyaadhu
Nenjam muzhuthum Bala irundhaal
bayamE enRum kidaiyaadhu!
Nemilikku oru muRai vandal pOdhum
Vaazhvil thuyarE vaaraadhu!
Jaya Jaya Bala Thiri pura Sundari
Undan aruL thaan maaRaadhu!

Glances of those filled with hatred, burn like fiery flames
Yet, they can never harm us!
When our hearts are filled with Bala’s presence
No space can there be for Fear anytime!
Visiting Nemili just once
Ensures no sorrow can ever arrive
In your life!
Victorious, Victorious, Sri Bala,
Beautiful and Divine ruler of three worlds
Your grace can never vary , never change!

Kavalaiyai thaLLida thuyar thanai
Chollida unnai vittaal yaaramma!
karuvaRai thodangi kallaRai varaiyil
anaithukkum neeyE vEramma!
KaNN dhrishti neekkum kavalaiyai pOkkum
Azhagiya un thiru peyar amma!
Jaya Jaya Bala Thiripura Sundari
KaLipudan vaazha vazhthidamma!

Who else is there to push away sorrow
And unburden all grief?
Who else is there but You, dear Mother!
From womb until graveyard
You are the very root of our existence
Your sweet and divine name
Dispels all worries and evil forces!
Victorious, Victorious, Sri Bala
Beautiful lady, ruler of three worlds
With joy and happiness
Bless us to lead good lives!

Ninaikkum pozhuthE aNaikkum
Deivam nee inri vERu Edhamma!
Nidhamum un peyar chonnaal pOthum
maRaindhE pOgum Theethamma!
Nilamum neerum kaatrum neruppum
veLiyum unnaal vazhuthamma!
Jaya Jaya Bala Thiripurasundari
Vaiyagam muzhuthum vaNaNguthamma!

Oh Mother, no other Divine being
Except you
Can Embrace us the instant we think of you!
Reciting your name each day is enough
All sins and wrongdoings
vanish completely.
Earth, water, air, Fire and Space itself
Derive life-essence from You
Victorious, Victorious, Sri Bala
Beautiful Goddess of all worlds
This entire universe Bows in Worship
To You!


Recite this “Armour” daily, in the morning as well as at night.
All evil and malefic forces will vanish, worries will cease and this shield or “Armour” itself will grant all your wishes.

Sri Bala Charanam.

English translation of “ Noi Neekum Sri Bala Pathigam*”
( Sri Bala’s Hymn to remove ailments).
“Pathigam” refers to a poem composed in ten verses.

Azhagiya uruvaai Aanandha thiruvaai
Nemiliyil amarnthavaLE!
Pazhagiya udanE palan tharum baala
Nenjinil niRainthavalE!

As a beauteous form, radiating divine bliss
Seated are you in Nemili
Granting positive results
The instant we know you
You Pervade our hearts completely
Oh Bala, you fill our hearts, totally.

Idarathu irukkum idamathu therinthu
Chaduthiyil vanthiduvaai!
Udanadiyaaga en uLLathil amarnthu
Oozhvinai kaLainthiduvaai!

Discerning the location where suffering exists
Swiftly you do arrive
And seated in my heart immediately
All sins of past births you disperse fully!

Nodikkoru nOi dinam enai vandhu soozhgayil
Nodiyinil vandiduvaai!
Adikkadi un thiru peyar thanai kooRida
Anaithaiyum agaRRividuvaai!

When I’m Assailed by many ailments
Every minute, each day,
Within a second you come to my side.
Crying out your holy name repeatedly
You make all pain and suffering

Narambugal yaavum thaLarndhidhidum vElaiyil
naRumugai nee varuvaai!
varambugaL indri varam tharum kuzhanthaai
vaattathai pOkkiduvaai!

When blood vessels in my body
Are weakened with infirmity
With goodness , You do appear
Granting boons without any boundaries
Oh precious child,
all my fatigue you disperse!

Enai pidithu aatkoLlum ellaa nOigaLum
maRainthida VeNdum amma!
Unai dinam ninaikkaiyil ellaa paavamum
Karaindhida vENdum Amma!

All diseases that have conquered
and are controlling my body
You must make them vanish
Oh dear Mother!
Contemplating you each day
All sins should melt away,
Oh Mother, I do pray!

PeRRavar dinamum varundhidum padi en
Udal nilai pOnathamma!
maRRavar naaLum eLLI nagaithidum
vaazhkai aanatham amma!

Oh Mother, my parents
are distressed
Witnessing the poor state of my health,
Others mock and laugh at me from afar
Such has become my plight in Life
Oh Mother,
Such is my condition in this life!

Maruthuvam palavum paarthitta piRagum
maaRRam illai amma!
Oru thavam inRi unaiyE ninaithida
En kuRai theerthidamma!
Despite undergoing many a medical treatment
No change in my condition
Have I seen!
I think of You constantly,
Without respite,
Please come to relieve my suffering.
Oh Mother, please remove my pain!

NeeyinRi enakku ulaginil vERu
DeivangaL Edhamma!
Thaayinri thavikkum en kuRai pOkkida
Thaavi nee vandhidamma!

Have I placed trust in any another God
In this world,
Except You?
I suffer like a child
Who has been orphaned
Leap to my rescue, Oh Mother,
And remove all my sorrow!

Uruvinil nee oRu chiru kuzhandai ena
Ulagathaar kooridalaam!
Karuvinai aLikkum un thiru munnE
AnaithumE thoosi amma!

The whole world might proclaim
You are tiny, in form and size!
Yet, in front of your Holy form
Breathing life into each embryo
Everything else loses significance
And becomes mere Specks of dust!

Ulagathil uLLa palakOdi deivamum
unnuL adakam amma!
Kalagamum kabadamum niRaintha ivvulagai
KaLippudan MaaRRidamma!

Countless and millions of Holy beings
Are dissolved within your holy form
Oh dear Mother.
Please transform with Joy and delight
This world, filled with confusion and vice
Oh, Bala, our very dear Mother!

This prayer removes existing ailments and provides protection from those diseases that might affect us in the future!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sri Bala - Daily Prayers

Sri Bala Charanam.

English Translation Of Sri Baba.G’s “ Dinasari Prarthanai” or
“ Daily Prayers”.

1. ANBU.
Anbu kondu balaavai
aNukidaveNdum- antha
anbinAle akhilam yaavum
aruL pera vENdum.

Come close to Bala with Love and devotion
And may this world be blessed
With love and affection!

Aasai yOdu Balavai
vaNaNgida VeNdum- andha
aasai koNdu avaL pughazhai
paadida vENdum

Let’s worship Bala with much fondness
And yearn to sing her praises
With great eagerness!

Inbam vEndi Balavai
Thozhuthida VEndum- andha
Inbam thaNai ivvulagam
Adainthida vENdum.

Let us adore Bala seeking happiness.
And may the whole world attain
that state of cheerfulness!

4. Eekai.
Eekai enum paNbai Naamum
Adainthida VEndum- andha
Eekaiyudan ulagam muzhuthum
Valam vara vENdum.

Let’s strive to acquire the trait of generosity
And encircle this whole world
Filled with that spirit of Charity!

UNmai yOdu Balavidam
Naam vanthida veNdum- andha
uNmai koNdu ulagam ellaam
oLipera VeNdum.

We must approach Bala openly and truthfully.
And may this whole world glow
Radiating that truth so brilliantly!

Ookam Odu Balavai
Naam thozhuthida vENdum- andha
Ookamudan aduthavarku
Udhavida veNdum

We should strive to worship Bala most sincerely.
Let’s encourage and help others
With great resolve and constancy.

ELimai yOdu Balavidam
Naam vandhidavENdum—andha
eLimai yOdu ennaLum naam
vaazhnthida vENdum.

We should come to Bala simply
With ease and modesty
May we always aim to live with simplicity.

Etram peRa Balavidam
Naam vandhida vENdum- nalla
EtRam kandu vaattamindri
vAzhnthida vENdum.

Let’s come to Bala to get a boost in our lives
On receiving a good lift,
Let us continue, without weariness, to lead our lives.

IyyaminRi Balavai
Naam thozhuthida vENdum- avaL
thuNai irukkum pOdhu naam
En azha vENdum?

Let’s worship Bala without any hesitation
When we have her support
Why should we cry in consternation?

ORrumai yudanE balavidam
Naam vandhida vENdum- mana
vERRumaigal namakkuLLE
En vara vENdum?

Let’s come to Bala united , in perfect harmony.
Into our minds why should we allow
Disagreement and think differently?

Orinamai naam anaivarum
Irundhida vENdum- indha
Paaril uLLA anaivarumE
Viyandhida vENdum!
Let’s live together as part of one large family
Let’s set set an example that will amaze
This world entirely!
Oudathamaai balaavin
Paadalgal pOdhum- andha
PaadalgaL naam sollum
Naal vagai vEdham!

It’s enough to sing Bala’s songs; they cure completely.
In those songs we express
the four Vedas totally!

PORumai thannai vazhvinilE
KaRRida vENdum- andha
poRumai koNdu peRumai thannai
peRrida vENdum!
Let’s learn to uphold patience in our lives.
Much greatness can we achieve
Being tolerant right through our lives!

Perumaiyudan nam vazhvu
Irundhida vENdum -thaR
PeRumaiyathu nam manathil
En vara vENdum?

Let’s lead our lives with righteousness and nobility
Yet, in our hearts ,
why should appear conceit and vanity?

ManadhinilE maghizhchi adhu
Malarnthida vENdum - andha
Maghizchi thannai maRravaRum
Adainthida vENdum!

Let happiness and joy blossom in our hearts each day.
And may that pleasure be felt and attained
by everyone around, always!

PaNbudanE Balaavidam naam
Nadanthida vENdum - bala
anbudanE namai enRum
aNaithida vENdum!

May our actions reflect good virtues, in front of Bala
May she embrace us always
with boundless love from afar!

PaasamOdu Balaavidam naam
iNainthida vENdum - Bala
Aasai yOdu nammudanE
Irunthida vENdum!
Let’s bond with Bala through love and devotion.
May Bala wish to remain at all times
By our side with much passion!

PaNivudanE periyOridam
Pazhagida vENdum—nalla
paNividaigalai naaLthORum
seidhida vENdum!

Let’s treat elders with a lot of kindness
And many helpful deeds perform
Each day with friendliness!

Mariyaadhai enRaal verum
Vaarthai illai - nam
seigaiyilE mariyaadhai
veLli pada vENdum!

“Respect” is not merely a word or expression
Respect should always be revealed
In all our actions.

MadhippudanE periyOrgalai
Nadathida vENdum - andha
MaghizvudanE avargaL Aasi
Nalgida vENdum!

May we treat elders with respect and deference
And seek their blessings happily
With great reverence!

Nesamudan periyOrgaLai
aNugida vENdum - manidha
nEyamudan udhavigaLai
seithida vENdum.

Let’s learn to approach the elderly with friendliness.
And offer help in a humane manner
Always with kindness!

Kanivu kONdu mudhiyOrai
Kalandhida vENdum - avar
kavalaigaLai mudinthavaRai
kaLainthida vENdum!

With tenderness and sympathy, we must mix with the elderly
And try our best to disperse
All their anxieties completely!

Anubavangal tharuginRa
aRpudha paadam - adhai
purindhu kondaal puviyaavum
nam pugazh paadum!

Many a valuable lesson , does life’s experience teach us
If we understand and pay heed to them,
The world will sing in praise of us!

Amaidhiyaaga iruppadharku
Anubavam vENdaam - manam
Amaidhiyaaga irundhu vittaal
Marundhugal vENdaam!

No special skill is required to experience tranquillity
If the mind is peaceful
No medicines will be required totally!

Adakkam enRa paNbu thane
Migavum mukkiyam andha
Adakkam manadhil vandhu vittaal
Maghizchi nicchayam!

Modesty is a very important quality.
You’ll certainly attain happiness
Once you acquire the virtue of humility!

Ozhukkam enra onRu thane
VAa zhkai thathuvam - andha
Ozhukkam adhai thavaRi vittaal
Izhukku vandhu vidum!

Discipline is the most important quality in life.
Once self restraint is lost
You’ll get sullied and tainted in life.

ThimirudanE yaarum ingu
piRappadhillai - adhu
therindhum EnO thimirai naamum
kaivida villai!

No one is born in this world filled with arrogance
Although we’re aware of this
We’ve still not let go of our self-importance!

Garvam enRa chollE miga
Garvamaanadhu - adhai
Purindhu koNdaal ivvulagam

The very word “pride” itself reflects the height of conceit!
The world will become a heavenly abode
Once this truth is understood complete!

AaNavamum Aathiramum
sErnthu vanthidum - andha
iraNdaiyumE ozhithuvittaal
inbam vanthidum!

Self-importance and anger appear hand in hand
When they’re both destroyed
Happiness will surely land!

Agambaavam vandhu namadhu
kaNNgaLai maRaikkum - adhai
adiyOdu azhithuvittaal
Aanandham pirakkum!

Egoism and selfishness blind us completely,
When these are completely vanquished,
joy will be born totally!

NanRi thanai chollidavE
Thayangida vENdaam - sei
nanRi maRandhu ivvulagil
vaazhnthida vENdaam!

Never hesitate to express gratitude
Don’t live in this world forgetting to say “thank you”
For good deeds done to you!

NaaNayamum NaaNayamum
vENdum vaazhvilE - andha
NaaNayathai naam maRandhaal
veezhvOm thaazhvilE!

Good moral values and modesty are essential in life always.
Forgetting to uphold these ideals
We’ll get belittled in every way!

NermaiyOdu uNmai vandhu
SErum pOdhilE -- uyar
perumaiyOdu pughazhum vandhu
sErum vazhvilE!

When honesty comes to combine with integrity
Along with great fame,
Praise too will arrive in life, certainly!

Uzhaippu uzhaippu uzhaippu onRE
Uyarndha tattuvam -- maRRa
Pizhaippu ellaam matki pOgum
Sarva nichayam!

Hard work, effort and perseverance is the only key to success!
All other means of livelihood
Will surely dissipate into a mess!

Ezhmai yenum nilaiyai naamum
maaRRiduvOmE - kalvi
chelvam koNdu Ezhmai thannai

Let’s strive to transform the state of poverty.
Equipped with the wealth of knowledge
We shall eliminate it totally!

2. VaRumai
VaRumai thanai OzhithidavE
uZhaithiduvOmE - andha
vaRumai thanai Oda Oda

May we toil hard to destroy hardship and adversity.
Let us chase away completely
Poverty and scarcity!

Kodumaiyilum kodumai andha
iLamaiyil vaRumai - andha
kodumai maaRa kadumaiyaaga

To endure poverty in childhood , is the most cruel agony
We have to work very hard
To transform this state of misery.

Pattiniyaal vaadukinRa
uyirgaLukkaaga -naam
mutti mOthi udhavi seiyyum
kaalam varattumE!

For the poor souls who are feeble and starving from lack of food
May the time arrive when we jostle hard and compete
To extend help and do them some good!

Pasi enra chollai ini
Ettil mattumE - kaaNum
Bhagiyathai nam naadu
Viraivil peRattumE!

May this country soon be blessed
To witness hunger no more
Instead see it exist as a word on paper alone!

Picchai enra nilaiyai naamum
maRRiduvOmE - avar
icchaigaLai theerkka vazhi

Let us transform the state of poverty
May we show those who beg a way out
And fulfil their desires totally!

UNavu enRu vandavarkku
UNavu tharaamal - avar
Uyarvu peRa oru vazhiyai
Naam samaippOmE!

Without giving just food to those who come begging
Let’s conjure a way so they can be helped
To make real progress in life and stop starving!

Panjam pOga paaril uLLa
nenjangaL yaavum - dinam
Konjam konjam Dharmam seidaal
Panjam pOgumE!

May all those good hearts, living in this world today,
Donate just a little for good causes each day
And see scarcity wiped away!

ThuNivu kondu thuyar neeka
munainthiduvOmE - ezhmai
thunbankaLai thuNivudanE
Let’s seek to remove misery with courage and boldness
May we succeed in wiping out poverty and anguish
Armed with confidence and braveness.
VEgam kondu vetRi vaagai
ChoodiduvOmE - avar
vEdhanaiyai pOkka vazhi

Let’s grab the victory prize with much haste
And seek the way to end quickly
Everyone’s despair totally and completely!

PaNathinaalE varuvathellaam
Inbam illaiyE - adhai
Padi padiyaai uNarnthu vittaal
Thunbam illaiyE!

All that money and wealth can buy
Can never give true happiness
When this is understood in small steps
There’ll be no unhappiness.

Nimmadhiyai vazhnthidavE
Engidum manamE - andha
Nimmadhiyai thEdi thEdi
Alaindhidum dinamE!

Our hearts yearn relentlessly
To live with contentment
Yet, in search of peace
We keep wandering forever, aimlessly!

Dhaana dharmam anaivarukkum
Cheiyyum pOdhilE -- andha
Nimmadhiyum thEdi varum
Nammai nErilE!

When charitable acts and donations are given freely
Peace of mind and contentment will arrive
Quite naturally!

Uyarvu enRa onRE than
Namadhu mandiram - piRar
uzhaippinaalE vazhbavargal
verum iyandhiram!

Striving for progress should always
Be our constant refrain.
Those who live off the efforts of others
Lead a mechanical life with no strain!

Sathiyamaai iruppadharkku
Bayappada vENdaam - andha
sathiyamE Baalaa than
maRandhida vENdaam

Never fear to remain honest and act truthfully
Bala is the very essence of truth
Never forget that fully!

Vaazhvu thanai uyarthidavE
Bala uNdu - avaL
Paadal thane namakku enRum
Inikkum kaRkandu!

Bala is there to provide success
In all our lives!
Her songs alone shall always be
As sweet as sugar candy!

Jaathi mada bhetham ellaam
avaLidam illai - idhai
purindhu koNdaal ivvulagil
thunbangaL illai.

Differences in caste or creed
don’t matter to Bala, surely!
When this is understood
No problems will arise in this world, certainly.

VanmuRaigal, kalavarangal
Seidhida thooNdum - theeya
Manam koNda anaivarumE
Thirunthida vENdum!

May all those with wicked hearts
Who instigate violence and unrest
reform completely and be totally at rest.

Thiruttu bayam perugivitta
Indha naLlilE - em
Poruttu neeyum kaaRru niRka
Vandhida vENdum!

Since , fear of theft has increased greatly
In this world we live today
May you come to protect us
And stand by our side each day!

KoLLaiyargal engaL ooril
Nuzhaiyum pOdhilE - avargal
Kulai nadungi pOgumpadi
Bayandhida vENdum!

When burglars approach the outskirts
Of our cities and threaten to come in our way
May they succumb to blood curdling fear
And simply run away!

Kolai puriyum paadhagargal
Emmidam vandhaal - avar
Thalai therikka Odumpadi
Nee cheiyya vENdum!

Whenever murderous and wicked people
Approach to harm us.
May you cause them to run away
With great speed and protect us!

Oozhal puriyum pErgaL ellaam
Varundhida vENdum - than
thavaRai uNaRnthu orrukkaaga
uzhaithida vENdum!


May those who are involved in bribery and corruption
Feel remorse and regret.
Let them realise their mistakes
And work for the country’s welfare, instead!
Soozchi puriyum pErgaL ellaam
Veezchi kaaNavE – neer
Veezhchi pOla unnaruLai
Paaichida vENdum!

To ensure all those who plot
tumble down and have a fall
May you cause your grace to pour upon them
Like a rushing waterfall!

TheeyavargaL thooyavaraai
maaRida vENdum - illai
theeya eNNam avaRgaLaiyE
maithida vENdum!

Those who are wicked should completely reform
And into pure souls , quickly transform
Because, evil thoughts will surely
Cause them to self-destruct, certainly!

VibathukkaL naan chellum
Vazhiyinil vandal - avai
Vilagi chella unnaRuLE
Vazhi cheyya vENdum

When accidents come to confront me
In the path I travel each day
With your grace may a way be found
So they can be removed completely away!

Aabathathugal emai thodarnthu
Vandhidum pOthu - un
Arul vanthu emai choozhnthaal
bayangaLum Edhu?

When dangers and hazards threaten us constantly
In this world today.
If your grace encircles us fully
Can any fear be present in us , surely?

Thee vibathu vedi vibathu
vENdaam amma - engaL
thuyar theera thuNai enRum
neeyE amma!
May fire hazards and bomb blasts
Never take place, our dear mother!
You are our only support to remove all sorrow
Our beloved Mother!

IyaRkai vaLangaL irukkinRa
engaL naatilE - ini
iyaRkaiyaalO cheyaRkaiyaalO
izhappugaL vENdaam!

In our country abounding with
The wealth of bountiful nature
May deprivation or destruction never occur
Due to nature’s wrath or human error!

12. PUYAL.
Puyal kaatru sooRaavaLi
Thaakkidum pOdhu - neeyum
Puyal pOla vandhu emai
Kaathida vENdum!

When cyclones and hurricanes
Attack us and unleash their fury
May you
Arrive like a typhoon and protect us dearly!

Mazhai veLLam vandhu emai
Choozhavum vENdaam - ini
aLavindri peru mazhaiyum
peithida vENdaam!

May heavy rains and flooding waters never surround us!
From now on don’t allow
Never-ending rains or storms to descend upon us!

Boogambam inimElE
Nighaznthida vENdaam - indha
Poovulagam nimmadhiyai
Izhanthida vENdaam!

May tremors and earthquakes never
Take place!
May this whole world
Never lose peace of mind always!

Sutramathai azhithitta
Tsunami alaigaL - ini
eppozhuthum oorukkuLLE
vandhida vENdaam!

May the gigantic Tsunami waves
That destroyed our surroundings completely
Never again enter our cities any time, totally!

Nilathadi neer kuRaiyaamal
Irundhida vENdum - oru
aLavudanE Eri, kuLangaL
nirambida VENdum!

May water inside the earth never dry up at any time
May all the lakes and ponds
Be filled with enough water , all times!

PrarthanaigaL niRai vERa
Un arul vENdum - Bala
Un paadal ulagathaiyE
Kaathida vENdum!

Oh Bala , our prayers will get fulfilled only with your grace!
Oh Bala, your songs
Should protect this whole world !
Shower upon us your Grace!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sri Bala and the Five Elements

Sri Bala Charanam.

English translation of Sri Baba.G’s composition:



Kaalai muthal maalai varai
Unnai midhikkinROm!- engal
kaNNai moodi AaNavathaal
naangal midhikkinrOm!
uNNum uNavum uduthum uDaiyum
Nee tharukinRaai- nanRi
kaDanaaga emmiDathil
Edhu peRukinRaai?

From dawn’s first light until dusk
We step upon You!
Blinded by arrogance and pride
We trample all over you!
The food we eat and the garments we wear
Are your bountiful gifts
Yet, with grateful thanks
From us
What is it you get?

Paar Pughazhum Baalavin
Chella pillaigal- engal
Paadal kettu aruL thanthaal
Illai thollaigal.

World renowned is Bala,
We’re her precious children
When you listen to our songs
And grant us support
There can be no more troubles.

KadaPaarai MaNvetti
kuThum pOthilum—nee
karuNaiyOdu sindhum
kaNneer thaNeeraguthu!
Ellai yillaa poRumai
kONda bhoomi thaaye- pala
jeevangalai parivudane
kaapavaL neeye! ( Par Pughazhum Bala)

When Crowbars and sharp hoes
Cut into your soil
The tears you shed so tenderly
Transform into our water
What infinite patience you possess
Oh Mother Earth!
You look after so many lives
With inexpressible kindness and care! ( World renowned is Bala)

NilamagaLe em seyalai
Nee poruppaaya?- nila
Adhirvugalai thanthidaamal
Nee iruppaya?
Nilacharivum nila adhirvugaLum
vENdaam amma!- engal
nilaimai thannai nee uNaRa
vENdum Amma! ( Paar pughazhum Bala)

Oh daughter of this earth
Can you tolerate all our deeds
And refrain from causing
Any tremors or earthquakes?
From landslides and upheavals
spare us Oh Mother!
Please understand our plight
Our dear Mother! ( World renowned is Bala).



NeerinRi amaiyaathu
Indha ulagame- andha
Neerai thara indha naatil
enO kalakame?
Unnai naangal
Asuthamaaki suthamaakinROm- undhan
Arumai theRiyaamal naangaL
Uyir vaazghinROm!

Without water, this whole world
Can never survive
Yet, why is there such turmoil
To share precious water
In this country?
We pollute you and purify you again
Without realising your value
We continue with our lives.

Paar pughazhum Baalavin
Chella piLlaigal- engaL
Paadal kettu nee isainthaal
Edhu thOllaigal?

World renowned is Bala
We’re her cherished children
When you listen to our songs and
Heed our requests
Can troubles bother us?

Anaivarukkum podhuvaana
Annai unnaiye- aRpa
Thanamaaga paigaLile
Adaithu viRkinROm!
kaNnai imai kaapathu pOl
nee irukkinraai- innum
kaNmoodi thanamaaga
naangaL irukkinrOm! ( paar pughazhum Baalavin--)

Oh Mother who welcomes all
Freely blessing everyone
With such pettiness we confine you
In bags to sell you!
Like an eyelid protects the eye
You’re always there to protect us
Yet , blinded by ignorance
We continue our existence. (World renowned is Bala--)

POthum amma naangal seidha
Paavangal ellaam- emai
poRutharuLa vENdum
varungaalam ellaam
AaRukkuLe veLLamaaga
Vanthidu thaaye- engal
oorukuLle OoRRaaga
vandhidu neeye! ( Par pughazhum Bala)

Enough, Oh Mother
Let’s put a stop to all our mistakes
May future generations
Tolerate and forgive our many sins
Oh dear mother
Come like a torrent and flood all our streams
Enter as a joyous spring into all our cities! ( World renowned is Bala)

PiRandha idam pugunda idam
kONda nadhigale- neengal
chellumidam chezhippaagum
vaLaRum payiRgale!
Thaaimai uLLam kONda
Engal thooya nadhigale- neengal
OnRu sErnthaal maaRum
Engal thalai vidhigale! ( Paar pughazhum Bala)

Oh rivers who begin in one place
and end elsewhere
All the lands you run through
Are fertile and nourish the crops
A mother’s loving heart
You do possess
Oh chaste streams and rivers
When you unite and work together
You can transform our fortunes! ( World renowned is Bala)


Nalla kaaRai naaL thOrum
Suvasikka vENdum- andha
kaaRrai ini anaivarume
nEsikka vENdum
OnRai mattum anaivaRume
yOsikka vENdum!- kaaRru
maasu pattaal yamanai than
yaasikka vENdum!

Fresh and clean should be the air
We breathe in each day
And that pure air is something
We must always cherish.
It is one thing that we
Should think about always
When the atmosphere’s made unsafe
We have to beseech Yama’s* grace! *(Lord of Death).

Paar pughazhum Baalavin
Chella piLlaigaL!- engaL
kuRaigaL kEttu varam koduthaal
illai thOllaigal!

World renowned is Bala
We’re her treasured children
When you listen to our woes
And grant us boons
There can be no more problems.

Sanga thamizhil unnai paada
nangaL maRanthOm!- irundhum
vanga kadalil maiyam kONdu
mazhai tharuginraai!
EngaL kuRai theerthidave
Nee varuginraai!- vEgam
Adhikarithaal neeyE than
Thunbam tharukinraai! ( Paar Pughazhum Bala)

In Ancient Tamil Sangam style
We’ve forgotten to sing your praises
You help create clouds over oceans
And shower us with rain!
You come to remove
All our sorrow!
Accelerating your speed
You can create havoc and misery! ( World renowned is Bala)

ViNnai thodum vignaana
Vetrigal kaNdOmE! Aanal
Unnai adhil asuthamaaki
thOlviyum kaNdOmE!
KAnGAlLUKKU pulapadaatha
Deivam nee anRo!- engaL
Pizhai poruthu aRuL tharavE
thaRuNam idhuvan Ro! ( paar pughazhum Bala)

Far reaching intellectual victories
We’ve achieved in this world today!
We’ve polluted you in this process
And only achieved failure!
Oh Divine being who cannot
Be beheld by mere eyes!
The time has now come
For you to bless and forgive all our sins! ( World renowned is Bala).


Agni unnai anbudanE
naangaL vaNanguvOm- engaL
aRiyaamai iruL pOkki
naaLum uyaruvOm!
UtkOLlum uNavellaam
Serippathu unnaalE- adhu
Shakthi yaaga maaRu vadhum
Shakthi unnaalE!

Oh element of Fire
We worship you with love
Dispelling our darkness and ignorance
We’ll grow in stature each day!
All the food we eat
Is digested only with your help
And when that turns into energy
You are the one that transforms it!

Paar pughazhum Baalavin
Chella PiLlaigaL- engaL
Paadal kEttu aruL koduthaal
Edhu thollaigal?

World renowned is Bala
We’re her precious children
When you listen to our song
And grant your grace
Can there be any worries?

Vanjagarin vayiRu mattum
Erindhida vENdum!- EzhaigaL
Kudisai eriyaamal aduppu
Erindhida vENdum!
Theeyavarkku theeyaaga
Irundhida vENdum!- Gnaana
Thee mattum OorukkuLlE
Paravida vENdum! ( Paar Pughazhum Balavin)

May the stomachs of evil people
Burn with wickedness.
Yet, may the huts of the poor never burn
Let a fire burn in their hearth and stoves instead!
For those who are immoral
Cast a mighty blaze!
Allow only the fire of Knowledge
To spread in all our towns! ( World renowned is Bala)

Viruppu veRuppu Edhumilla
Neruppu nee anRO!- em
Viruppam kEttu varam koduthaal
Thaai neeyanRO!
VELvith theeyum kELvi theeyum
vaLarnthida vENdum!- perum
thee vibathu yaavum ini
maRainthida vENdum! ( Paar pughazhum Bala)

Neither love nor hatred you possess
Oh Fire, you’re beyond that!
When you listen to our requests
And grant us boons
You’re our dear Mother!
May the spirit of inquiry and
The spirit of religion increase
Day by Day!
And may all your fiery outbreaks
Disappear from now on! ( World renowned is Bala)



Kaatru, neer, veppam yaavum
Puzhangum unnilE!- Ingu
Thatppa veppam maaRuvadhu
Un kaRuNaiyilE!
Stterikkum veyilaiyum
Nee tharuginRaai!- parama
Sugam tharum mazhai yinaiyum
Nee pozhiginRaai

Wind, Water, and Warmth
All these evolve from within You!
Fluctuations in temperature and weather
Are caused by your Grace!
Scorching heat of the Sun
You confer on us
Just as the supreme comfort of the rain
You shower on us!

Paar pughazhum Baalavin
Chella piLlaigal—pancha
BhoothangaLE engaL paadal
neengaL kELlungal!

World renowned is Bala
We’re her esteemed children
Oh Five Divine Elements
Please pay heed
And listen to our song!

URaiyum kuLiRum
Unnudaiye thiruviLaiyaadal!- indha
Udalil uyiR uRaithirupathum
Un viLaiyaadal!
Anaivarukkum pothuvaana
Koorai aagayam!- andha
Aagayam thanthidumE
Pala Aathaayam! ( Paar pughazhum Balavin)

Cold and wintry weather arrives
According to your divine plan!
Just as life exists in this body
Because of your blessed plan!
For All of us a common roof
Is the expansive Sky
And that very Sky does provide
Many a useful support. ( World renowned is Bala)

suRRi varum unnidathilE- Pala
kOrikkaigal kaathirukku
em idathilE!
OnRukonRu sErnthirukkum
Pancha bhoothangal!- ini
engaLukku thara vENdaam
paazhum theengugaL! ( Paar pughazhum Bala)

All the planets revolve
Around and Within you
And so many requests circle about
Within me too!
You are linked one with another
Oh Five divine elements
Hereafter do not bring us
Havoc or great misery! ( World renowned is Bala).

Monday, June 14, 2010

Updated Website: Spiritual Vision Art

This is to inform you all that my website, Spiritual Vision Art, has changed locations to http://www.spiritualvisionart.t83.net . The website is still under some construction and is an ongoing project, but many of the paintings described in this blog can be viewed there.