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English Translation of Sri Baba.G's "Kann Dhrishti Kavacham" and "Noi Neekum Pathigam"

Sri Bala Charanam.

Sri Bala Kann Dhrishti Kavacham.

English Translation of Sri Baba.G’s “ KANN DHRISHTI KAVACHAM”
Sri Bala’s “ Protective armour to ward off malefic effects of evil eyes”.

KaRpaga kaLirE aRpudha chudarE
Anbudan nee ingu vara vENdum
kaNN dhrishti neekum bala kavachathai
kanivudan neeyum thara vENdum!

Hymn to Lord Ganesh.
Oh elephant Lord who grants all wishes
Oh glowing spark of Divinity
filled with love, please come here
To grant and bless us tenderly
With this song, Sri Bala’s armour
Protecting all from calamity.

Jagam adhu pughazhum agamadhu magizhum
Bala undan thiru vadivam!
JanmangaL thORum thuNai vandhu sErum
Bala undan chiru vadivam!
Jeyippathu enRaal unthuNai vENdum
Bala nee than aRuL vadivam!
Jaya Jaya Bala Thiri pura Sundari
Un pEr solla iRuL vidiyum!

Protective Armour.

Praised by this whole world
Creating happiness in all hearts
Is your divine , lovely form!
In many births
It arrives to give support,
Oh Bala, your tiny, little form!
To achieve victory we need your help
Oh Bala, you are the blessed form!
Victorious, Victorious, Sri Bala
Beautiful ruler of three worlds
Uttering your holy name
Dispels darkness and brings forth new dawn!

ThirumaNam mudikkum thiri pura Sundari
Enbathu undan oRu vadivam!
Thirumaga vaLikkum thiti pura sundari
Enbathu undan oRu vadivam!
Thiru manai aLikkum thiripurasundari
Enbathu undan oRu vadivam!
Jaya Jaya Bala Thiri pura Sundari
Dhrishtiyai neekidum thiru vadivam!

As divine ruler of all three worlds
Finalizing marriages is but one of your blessed forms
As the beauteous ruler of all three worlds
Granting progeny is yet another form
Bestowing happy conjugal life
Is again , another form,
Oh divine damsel, ruler of three worlds,
Victorious, Victorious, Sri Bala
Your sanctified image
Destroys all evil forces!

PadippO PaNamO thozhilO edhvO
Konjam vandaalum pOthum amma
Paazhai pOna theeyOr paarvai
vandE emai dinam mOdhudamma!
Paavangal theera kaayangal maaRa
Aasaiyil manam ingu Enguthamma!
Jaya Jaya Bala thiri pura Sundari
Dhrishtiyai neeyum neekidamma!

Just a little success is enough
If it comes our way in education, wealth or employment!
Oh dear mother,
wicked glances cast by evil people
dash against us relentlessly, every day!
For all our sins to be destroyed
And old wounds to get healed
Our hearts yearn with such longing
Victorious, Victorious, Sri Bala
Beautiful Goddess, ruler of three worlds
Please remove all harmful forces
From our lives!

NaaLLum un pugazh kooRum nallOr
Paarvai emmeedhu vizha vEndum
Nalinthavar yaavarum un peyar chollida
Nalamudan udanE ezha vENdum!
Nanjinai pOnRa nenjinai koNda
theeyOr dinam dinam vizha vENdum!
Jaya Jaya Bala Thiri pura sundari
Unnai naaLum thozha vENdum!

May good glances cast by worthy people
Constantly uttering your name
Fall on me!
May those who are feeble,
Stand up with good health,
Instantly they cry out your name!
Let those who are vengeful
Harboring venom in their hearts
Fall and perish with each passing day
Victorious, Victorious, Sri Bala,
Lovely ruler of three worlds
May we worship you every single day!

Theeyavar paarvai ellaa disaiyilum
Dinam dinam vandu eccharikkum!
theemaigaL maaRa engaL manam adhu
undan peyarai uccharikkum!
Theeyena maaRum Bala undan
Paarvai pagaivarai chutterikkum!
Jaya jaya bala thiripura sundari
Thithikkum un pugazh ethikkum!

Vicious looks cast by the wicked
From all directions
Come to forewarn us each day!
For evil forces to get transformed
Our hearts pronounce your name
Every single day!
Oh Bala, your very glance, like fire,
Can burn all wicked foes completely
Victorious, Victorious, Sri Bala,
Holy ruler of all three worlds
Your praises , like sweet nectar
Spread in all directions.

Baala bhaktharai paadai paduthum
Edhuvum ingE nilaikkaadhu!
Bala undan peyar chollaavidil
Edhuvum ingE chezhikkaadhu!
Bala peyarai moochaai suvaasikka
Edhuvum nammai nerungaathu
Jaya Jaya Bala Thiri pura sundari
Unai pOl deivam vErEdhu!

Bala, you test your devotees so,
Nothing can be real or lasting here.
Oh Bala, without mentioning your holy name
Nothing can flourish or prosper here!
When Bala’s name is inhaled
Like very breath itself
No harm can ever approach us!
Victorious, Victorious, Sri Bala,
Divine and lovely ruler of three worlds
Can any other God be like You!

Neruppaai eriyum veRuppavar paarvai
Nammai edhuvum cheyyaadhu
Nenjam muzhuthum Bala irundhaal
bayamE enRum kidaiyaadhu!
Nemilikku oru muRai vandal pOdhum
Vaazhvil thuyarE vaaraadhu!
Jaya Jaya Bala Thiri pura Sundari
Undan aruL thaan maaRaadhu!

Glances of those filled with hatred, burn like fiery flames
Yet, they can never harm us!
When our hearts are filled with Bala’s presence
No space can there be for Fear anytime!
Visiting Nemili just once
Ensures no sorrow can ever arrive
In your life!
Victorious, Victorious, Sri Bala,
Beautiful and Divine ruler of three worlds
Your grace can never vary , never change!

Kavalaiyai thaLLida thuyar thanai
Chollida unnai vittaal yaaramma!
karuvaRai thodangi kallaRai varaiyil
anaithukkum neeyE vEramma!
KaNN dhrishti neekkum kavalaiyai pOkkum
Azhagiya un thiru peyar amma!
Jaya Jaya Bala Thiripura Sundari
KaLipudan vaazha vazhthidamma!

Who else is there to push away sorrow
And unburden all grief?
Who else is there but You, dear Mother!
From womb until graveyard
You are the very root of our existence
Your sweet and divine name
Dispels all worries and evil forces!
Victorious, Victorious, Sri Bala
Beautiful lady, ruler of three worlds
With joy and happiness
Bless us to lead good lives!

Ninaikkum pozhuthE aNaikkum
Deivam nee inri vERu Edhamma!
Nidhamum un peyar chonnaal pOthum
maRaindhE pOgum Theethamma!
Nilamum neerum kaatrum neruppum
veLiyum unnaal vazhuthamma!
Jaya Jaya Bala Thiripurasundari
Vaiyagam muzhuthum vaNaNguthamma!

Oh Mother, no other Divine being
Except you
Can Embrace us the instant we think of you!
Reciting your name each day is enough
All sins and wrongdoings
vanish completely.
Earth, water, air, Fire and Space itself
Derive life-essence from You
Victorious, Victorious, Sri Bala
Beautiful Goddess of all worlds
This entire universe Bows in Worship
To You!


Recite this “Armour” daily, in the morning as well as at night.
All evil and malefic forces will vanish, worries will cease and this shield or “Armour” itself will grant all your wishes.

Sri Bala Charanam.

English translation of “ Noi Neekum Sri Bala Pathigam*”
( Sri Bala’s Hymn to remove ailments).
“Pathigam” refers to a poem composed in ten verses.

Azhagiya uruvaai Aanandha thiruvaai
Nemiliyil amarnthavaLE!
Pazhagiya udanE palan tharum baala
Nenjinil niRainthavalE!

As a beauteous form, radiating divine bliss
Seated are you in Nemili
Granting positive results
The instant we know you
You Pervade our hearts completely
Oh Bala, you fill our hearts, totally.

Idarathu irukkum idamathu therinthu
Chaduthiyil vanthiduvaai!
Udanadiyaaga en uLLathil amarnthu
Oozhvinai kaLainthiduvaai!

Discerning the location where suffering exists
Swiftly you do arrive
And seated in my heart immediately
All sins of past births you disperse fully!

Nodikkoru nOi dinam enai vandhu soozhgayil
Nodiyinil vandiduvaai!
Adikkadi un thiru peyar thanai kooRida
Anaithaiyum agaRRividuvaai!

When I’m Assailed by many ailments
Every minute, each day,
Within a second you come to my side.
Crying out your holy name repeatedly
You make all pain and suffering

Narambugal yaavum thaLarndhidhidum vElaiyil
naRumugai nee varuvaai!
varambugaL indri varam tharum kuzhanthaai
vaattathai pOkkiduvaai!

When blood vessels in my body
Are weakened with infirmity
With goodness , You do appear
Granting boons without any boundaries
Oh precious child,
all my fatigue you disperse!

Enai pidithu aatkoLlum ellaa nOigaLum
maRainthida VeNdum amma!
Unai dinam ninaikkaiyil ellaa paavamum
Karaindhida vENdum Amma!

All diseases that have conquered
and are controlling my body
You must make them vanish
Oh dear Mother!
Contemplating you each day
All sins should melt away,
Oh Mother, I do pray!

PeRRavar dinamum varundhidum padi en
Udal nilai pOnathamma!
maRRavar naaLum eLLI nagaithidum
vaazhkai aanatham amma!

Oh Mother, my parents
are distressed
Witnessing the poor state of my health,
Others mock and laugh at me from afar
Such has become my plight in Life
Oh Mother,
Such is my condition in this life!

Maruthuvam palavum paarthitta piRagum
maaRRam illai amma!
Oru thavam inRi unaiyE ninaithida
En kuRai theerthidamma!
Despite undergoing many a medical treatment
No change in my condition
Have I seen!
I think of You constantly,
Without respite,
Please come to relieve my suffering.
Oh Mother, please remove my pain!

NeeyinRi enakku ulaginil vERu
DeivangaL Edhamma!
Thaayinri thavikkum en kuRai pOkkida
Thaavi nee vandhidamma!

Have I placed trust in any another God
In this world,
Except You?
I suffer like a child
Who has been orphaned
Leap to my rescue, Oh Mother,
And remove all my sorrow!

Uruvinil nee oRu chiru kuzhandai ena
Ulagathaar kooridalaam!
Karuvinai aLikkum un thiru munnE
AnaithumE thoosi amma!

The whole world might proclaim
You are tiny, in form and size!
Yet, in front of your Holy form
Breathing life into each embryo
Everything else loses significance
And becomes mere Specks of dust!

Ulagathil uLLa palakOdi deivamum
unnuL adakam amma!
Kalagamum kabadamum niRaintha ivvulagai
KaLippudan MaaRRidamma!

Countless and millions of Holy beings
Are dissolved within your holy form
Oh dear Mother.
Please transform with Joy and delight
This world, filled with confusion and vice
Oh, Bala, our very dear Mother!

This prayer removes existing ailments and provides protection from those diseases that might affect us in the future!


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