Friday, August 7, 2009

My Mother Tripurasundari


My mother, beauteous ruler of three worlds!

My mother, beauteous ruler of three worlds
This is the moment
Give us your grace
Goddess you are our last resort!

Without you in our hearts each day
Can we get peace or happiness?
Aren’t you the one who gave us life?
Can we be a burden to you?
Oh mother will you not speak out your grace
And make our sorrows
Melt away!

Our hearts come seeking to get your grace
And happiness increases every day
Seeing your form day by day
Our feet, they seek to reach your house
Grant us ever lasting peace
Goddess who lives in Nemili!

Translated by Uma Kumar

Bala, Protector of the World!


Bala, protector of the world!

Protecting this world is one Bala
Living in Nemili Nagar is our Bala

With Goodness she protects us
All throughout our lives
Blessing us forever to lead good lives.

To this whole world
You give Love, Oh Bala
In the hearts of those who sing
You come Bala!

A new life is ours
Thanks to your grace Bala
To this poor soul lend
Your hands, Sri Bala
Goddess filled with grace
Our mother Bala
Glorious ruler of three worlds
We salute you
Banisher of darkness
Oh mother Bala
Glorious ruler of three worlds
We salute you
Glorious ruler of three worlds
We salute you Bala!
Beauteous Goddess of this world
We worship you!

Translated by Uma Kumar

Queen of Nemili



Oh Goddess who rules 0’er
The village of Nemili
Living in our Hearts
Bala our dear Mother
Oh Bala, our dear Mother.
Your glance is enough
No more fear do we have
Many songs do you give
And bless us so fully.

Seated in a house
Showering blessings like a mother
You dissolve in your songs
Oh Divine Damsel
The whole world is
Your domain of grace
In your form is revealed our true selves.

Both our eyes Oh Bala
Always yearn to see you
Both our ears,Oh Bala
Yearn to hear your music
Deep down in our hearts
We seek your grace
Our sinful hearts are peaceful
The moment we see you.

Translated by Uma Kumar