Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sri Bala--SkandaGurunatha

Saturday, October 17th, 2009.
A very Happy Deepavali to everyone!
I completed this image of Sri Bala- SkandaGurunatha today after receiving the blessings of Sri Baba.G at Nemili, Sri Bala Peetam. So, here is Lord Muruga in all his splendour glowing like the sun, surrounded by a halo of sharp lances ( Vel) to protect all his devotees, on the eve of Skanda Sashti!
It had been my intention to surround the Lord's image with a golden halo. However, there was a very, very strong command to use the sharp Vel. In fact, the power of this painting lies in the use of several Vels- to remove all negative forces and ignorance from devotees!
This painting was undertaken a week ago after I was constantly assailed by thoughts of Skanda. Although I tried to focus only on Sri Bala, it seemed that Lord Muruga was sending me a directive to draw a picture of him before the onset of Skanda Sashti.
I finished the pencil drawing within a couple of hours. However, I could not complete the painting despite many attempts over the past week. I recited "ThiruMurugattrupadai", listened to Lord Muruga's Sahasranama, many Tirupugazh songs and a litany of other sacred hymns to this handsome warrior-God.
Finally, the painting was completed today only after receiving the blessings from the Divine family living at Sri Bala Peetam in Nemili.
I hope everyone who sees this painting experiences the direct and powerful glances of both Sri Bala as well as Lord Skanda in their respective aspects as "Shakthi Vel" and "Skandagurunathan".
Sri Bala Charanam.
Jaya Jaya MahaVira Sri Skanda Bhagawan Namo Namah: