Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ninth Image Of Sri BALA





OH beautiful lady, even the sun that revolves in this universe
Seeks to reach only your sacred feet
My very Life I am prepared to sell
To have the talent of weaving your image into my poems
And entice you into my heart
Even the fiercest of ascetics who have renounced everything
Jostle each other to be the first to reach you
Just to catch a glance of your enchanting smile!

Sri Bala’s message:

“ I shine brighter than the Sun! I have created this entire Universe , planets and the constellation of stars. Yet, no single star can shine more brightly than me. I radiate warmth and love and my tenderness to devotees is as cool and gentle as the deep blue sea. I sit here in my abode watching my devotees as they carry on their lives. Sometimes, I laugh when I see the antics they perform or when they forget Me! Nemili is my resting place, my Home from where I activate this universe and those people who belong in my “little” world. All the skills are at my pleasure and command. I endow different people with the ability to write, paint, sing and dance so I can be happy. I take great enjoyment in listening to music as well as seeing myself portrayed in various colorful images. However, don’t forget, these skills are given to you by me for My pleasure”.

My thoughts on the painting:

This drawing was my second attempt to depict Sri Bala on a swing. I did it because I wasn’t too happy with the earlier picture. Unmistakably, precise directions (mental suggestions) were given by Bala regarding this drawing. For example, the wavy, star-like pattern of her billowing skirt as well as using the color blue in the center of this image. The use of Gold color in the background was also suggested by Sri Bala. It was only after I read the Andhadhi verse she had selected for this drawing, did I realize the significance of this painting and the colors.
It is quite clear that Sri Bala was meant to be portrayed as residing inside a vast, golden star! The “blue” color is to depict her “cooling” grace on the devotees.
An enchanting smile was the final touch! Words cannot describe my feelings as I read the Andhadhi verse, pre selected for this image.

There’s another small incident that happened on the day I drew this picture. Now, it so happened that it was Pournami or Full Moon on the day I was completing this picture. Since I was in London at that time, I had made arrangements through a friend in Chennai to send some sweets and savouries to Sri Bala Peetam at Nemili. My friend called me after collecting the edibles and asked me if there was anything else she should take with her. I thanked her for helping me but said nothing else was required and disconnected the phone. The moment I put the phone down, I heard Bala’s voice “ Send a blue saree and a blue silk dhothi for my son and his wife”.
Not hesitating for a minute, I called my friend once more. When she came on the line, something made me tell her “ Go to the saree shop and buy the first saree that the sales person throws down. You’ll see this is a blue saree. Just buy it and get a dark blue silk dhothi for Sri Ezhilmani Mama as well”.

My friend called me from “Nalli’s” within half hour. She said in a voice choked with amazement
“ How on earth would you know that the first saree would be a blue one. I am standing here in this crowded shop and this guy has just thrown down a beautiful blue saree”!

Later, after my friend had delivered this precious cargo at Bala’s house in Nemili, she called me from the Peetam and I was able to talk to Sri Ezhilmani. I told him “Mama, I hope you can use this dark blue Veshti. I sent that for you and the blue saree for Baby Amma, because Bala kept insisting on it”.
Sri Ezhilmani handed over the phone to his wife, who said “ It is no mere coincidence. On Thursday, this week we are celebrating Mama’s 71st birthday, as you know. But Bala has just told all of us to wear blue. I was just asking my daughter in law to check if I had any saree in that color. Your gift came just in time. I will wear it on that day “.

This is just one more example of Bala’s divine, mischievous Lila!

Sri Bala Charanam

Gazing at Sri Bala with her enchanting smile in this picture, where she shines more lustrous than a star, all your latent abilities will be activated, so you can excel in whatever field of education or profession you have chosen!

February 25, 2009.

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Anu said...

You are absolutely blessed. May you always live in this circle of love.