Friday, July 31, 2009

Happiness is thinking of you


English Translation of:
“Ninaikkum Pothey Anandam”

Happiness is thinking of You
Happiness is coming Near You
Bala standing before You
Gives us so much Happiness.
Seeing you is happiness
Songs of you are happiness
Bala, coming to your house
Gives us so much happiness!
Happiness is looking at you and
Happiness is seeing your eyes
Happiness, Happiness, Happiness, Happiness.

Oh my heart, how you rejoice
Every day you think of her
Maybe once? Maybe twice?
Maybe many, many times!
Oh sweet life, how you melt
In her memory you’re fulfilled
Is that happiness, or is this joy?
Is it a new ecstasy?
Divine beings and the Holy three
Come searching for you
Can’t you see?
All your wishes, all your wants
They will grant you straight away
Oh sweet one, my little one
My very heart and my life
You’ve stolen completely!
You’ve stolen totally!

When night and dawn
They do merge
At sunrise and sunset
Your sweet songs resonate
With such joy, with such joy.
At that moment your lovely face
Granting fame and good fortune
See how it glows, see how it shines
All our wishes they’ll come true.
Relatives and friends do come
Searching hard to see your face
Wealth and pleasures we don’t need
Saying this we come to you
Inside you we come to rest
Within you we come to melt.
There’s no need for us to stray
There’s no need to go elsewhere!

Translated by Uma Kumar


Divinehealer said...

Who's voice is this? Just curious. This surely will take Bala's message across to different geographies and people who understand Tamil.

Sri Bala Charanam

Divinehealer said...

I meant to people who don't understand Tamil. Sri Bala Charanam

Divinehealer said...

Beautiful voice and can well feel the intensity with which the songs have been sung. Best wishes.

Sri Bala Charanam

uma said...

This project involved both my daughters. My younger daughter sang while her sister played the piano. Since the recording was done at home, on a computer, the sound quality might not be too great. However, the intention was to bring Bala into the hearts of everyone who stumbles onto this website :))