Friday, July 31, 2009

Little Child, Precious Child

“Chinna kozhundai chella kozhundai, Bala Varugindraal”.

Little child, Precious Child
Bala here she comes
What we seek to ask
Before they can be voiced
Bala grants them all
Our Bala she grants them all
Before our eyes, She does appear
“What more do you need?
Don’t worry, don’t be confused
Bala is here”
She wipes away our tears.

When will a new dawn
Begin in my life
We have often thought.
When will this sorrow
Finally depart, we have often cried.
When we beheld you today
In our hearts we rejoice.
No more worries
So we proclaim
Oh Bala, we worship You!

What penance did we do
In this birth to attain you
Setting eyes on You
Almost at once
Our bodies shiver with glee!
From having no bonds
One bond I have found
No other place
Has been like this before.
Nor have our hearts rejoiced
As in this place
Bala we worship You!

( translation by Uma Kumar).

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